Shiki Kurobane


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Shiki to watch over her and almost immediately regrets it since he seems so unmotivated and childish. Now she has Shiki following her around as she tries to confess to her co-worker, the reason for which she demanded the ten day life extension.

What I think of him: Shiki is sleepy and motivated to do things. He is childish, a little naive, and is mostly uninterested in other people around him due to how he was raised. He is actually very powerful, although using his power tires him out. He is the sort of guy who either doesn’t do something or puts 100% into it. He is a bit tsundere and has a harsh mouth even though he is also kind. He tends to pout when he doesn’t get things his way.

Charm point: Even though he can’t really fend for himself, he worries about the MC

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, in bed until the real world calls

Would have eloped with: 

  • Kakeru, especially towards the end when his caring side shows through

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC explains why she likes Susumu
  • When Shiki offers the MC a wish as payback
  • Drying Shiki’s wet hair
  • When the MC practices confessing and also her date training
  • All the scenes at the end of the world
  • “A world without you… I wouldn’t be able to take it”
  • Shiki’s confession
  • When Shiki finally smiles (his smiling sprite is adorable)
  • Cat Shiki

Worst moments:

  • Haruhito is dense and sort of annoying for most of the route
  • For a “ball of trust issues”, Shiki sure warmed up to the MC quickly

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, I adore Shiki. He’s so cute

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: In this epilogue the MC realizes how much she has gotten used to having Shiki around and she also comes to term with what Shiki’s job as a devil is. There are some super cute scenes and also some super funny ones (like the lap check scene or when Shiki decides to quit)
  • Dating a Devil: (Chronologically this may take place after the sequel) The MC spoils Shiki excessively by letting him have his way. Satoru helps them out by getting Shiki to go to an amusement part. It’s okay, but the epilogue was cuter.
  • Sequel: A devil appears before the MC claiming that she is Shiki’s fiance and that she is bringing him back to the Demon Realm. This story deals with issues of trust, communication, and family. It’s really great since it really shows how Shiki is becoming dependable as opposed to always being spoiled. By the end you can clearly tell that they are ready to move forward in their relationship.
  • Wedding Sequel: Just as the MC and Shiki begin to plan their wedding they receive word that there have been attacks on the demon nobility, and Shiki and the MC are also viable targets. In this route Shiki’s family issues are resolve and he meets the MC’s family (which is cute). You really get to see how much the MC and Shiki have changed because of each other. Satoru tells Shiki more things so there are funny moments even though a good chunk of the route is serious. It’s a very satisfying ending even though there was one issue not resolved.

Notable substories:

  • Devil Halloween Party: There is a rumor going around that the Demon House is haunted. The MC wants to get to the bottom of it so the devils won’t have to move out but Shiki doesn’t seem to care at all. Shiki dresses as a ghost and is adorable
  • 10 Days of his Kisses – Shiki: Ten consecutive days of sweet kisses from Shiki that get the MC’s heart pounding. This is a sweet substory with lots of Shiki just being his usual adorable self
  • Today He’s Kind of… Shiki (Sweet Cafe): It should be an ordinary day but Shiki is acting very clingy (and super cute as usual)

Recommended routes:


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