Elias Goldstein


Plot Summary: The MC manages to find a dorm thanks to Luca only to discover that it is the boys’ dorm. Elias encounters her and sets her straight and they find out that they are buddys. Elias is less than thrilled, especially since the MC can’t get any of her spells right and will, according to the buddy legend, drag him down since she is doing bad. The MC likes Elias’s magic and is determined to get him to acknowledge her as his buddy. Elias tells the MC that he will acknowledge her only if she retrieves the super rare persona mirror which is kept locked up in the headmaster’s office.

What I think of him: Elias is high strung and stiff. His family is famous and his brother is well known as a great wizard so he feels obliged to uphold that legacy. He practices hard and can’t accept that Luca is so talent and yet so lax about his magic. He is harsh but also honest and truthful. He is super responsible.

Charm point: Once the MC gets past his walls, he can’t leave her alone

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: ?

Would have eloped with: 

  • Yukiya, because he and the MC are similar in regards to animals

Favorite moments:

  • When they see their reflections in the persona mirror for the first time
  • When Elias actually starts easing up around the MC
  • When the MC saves Elias from the Chimera
  • Carbunicle explosion

Worst moments:

  • Did the MC need to suck so bad at magic? She can still screw up, I just want her to succeed some more
  • The MC’s ability to speak with animals is suppose to be rare and super awesome but it was nearly pointless since it didn’t work most of the time

Worth the price of admission?: Sadly I don’t think Elias’s route measures up to his brothers which shares the plot point of the guy training the MC. I don’t think Elias’s route was terrible, it just isn’t what I would pick first when playing this game

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t played any

Notable substories: Haven’t played any

Recommended routes:


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