Izumi Takasaki

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Plot Summary: When the MC does to pick up her bike from the pet shop that Izumi works at, she ends up walking to the bike shop with Izumi and Poochie the sheepdog. The walk ends up with the dog pushing the MC into a fountain. The MC ends up sick because of her unanticipated dip and Izumi ends up helping her out again. After that the MC and Izumi start to get closer to the point that they wish each other a great day in the elevator every morning.

What I think of him: Izumi tries to talk tough and manly but is a sweetie and a proper gentleman. He’s also sheltered and somewhat innocent; he especially doesn’t know about girls. He’s a huge fan of OMI and get nervous around him (man crush, so cute). He’s slightly tsundere and surprisingly stubborn. Izumi is a hard worker and has multiple part-time jobs since he’s trying to be independent. He loves animals and is studying to be a vet.

Charm point: He can’t start his day without saying exchanging “be careful”s with the MC

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, until niether of them feels sad anymore 😉

Would have eloped with: 

  • Jinpachi, because he is always being so “adult” and his arguments with Izumi are funny
  • Keiichi, because he is like your best friend in the house

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC saves the cupcake
  • When Keiichi drags Izumi to the rooftop party in order to get the seafood
  • Whenever Izumi compares the MC to an animal
  • How the MC had trouble with work but bounced right back
  • Izumi and Jinpachi’s arguments
  • The movie date
  • The MC cutting off her ties with Izumi hurt so good
  • Izumi’s confession *rolls around on the floor squealing*

Worst moments:

  • Did Izumi need to assume that the MC was eavesdropping on purpose?
  • Yujiro is kind of annoying and I don’t appreciate his violent shaking on the MC

Worth the price of admission?: If you are okay with younger men, then give this one a try. He’s actually very sweet and adorable.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC gets upset when Izumi refuses turns her down when she asks him on a date. In this epilogue both Izumi and the MC learn what it means to date each other specifically. After the initial (minor) angst, this route is cute, and Izumi is surprisingly bold and manly towards the end.

Notable substories:

  • His POV: Being inside Izumi’s head is great. He frequently thinks that the MC is cute and he feels protective of her since he sees her as being somewhat oblivious. It’s also great seeing him not knowing how to deal with girls in the first person.

Recommended routes:


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