Kotaro Fuma


Plot Summary: Since Kotaro seems the most ninja-like, the MC chooses to travel with him. On the way to Iga they overhear that Nobunaga’s son, Nobukatsu, is going to pass through a nearby village. Kotaro decides that they should pose as a husband and wife and attempt to assassinate Nobukatsu. As they live together the MC finds herself more and more drawn to Kotaro who keeps his emotional distance from her even as he cares for her.

What I think of him: Kotaro is the silent and dutiful type. He has a strong sense of responsibility and frequently reminds the MC of her’s as the Ninja Princess.  He was badly burned in the past and because of it he keeps an emotional distance from others, especially people who are not ninja. The tragedy in his past is a heavy burden on him, and he believes that his heart has withered away. At times he acts like he wants to die.

Charm point: He loves the MC so much that he could cry cries

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, while naked in the hot springs 😉

Would have eloped with:

  • Goemon, because when Kotaro pushes you away, he cheers you up
  • Munenori, because he wants you to live on and he likes sassy women

Favorite moments:

  • The scene on the plank in the river *sniffs*
  • When the MC goes out with Goemon and he tries to get Kotaro and her back together
  • When Musashi kidnaps the MC and she sasses him
  • “I want to live in a world with you in it”
  • The MC’s surprise in learning Kotaro’s age

Worst moments:

  • In keeping with his character, there are so few letters from him…
  • Does Oriku have to keep popping up? Shes’s seriously like a zombie or something

Worth the price of admission?: It may be my least favorite route in the game, but it’s fine since it’s bundled with Saizo and Sasuke’s routes

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read any

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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