Goemon Ishikawa


Plot Summary: Since the MC figures that Goemon must be super strong if even she has heard of him she chooses him.  Goemon gives the MC three rules to follow: 1) She must act like the Ninja Princess, 2) She must conseal her emotions, and 3) She must follow all his commands. With these rules in place the two of them travel undercover through town on the way to Iga so Goemon can gather information.

What I think of him: Goemon is arrogant and full of confidence in himself. He is intelligent and always scheming things. At the same time he is also bossy since he believes in his plans. He is secretive of his past and is secretly motivated to bring about peace. He has never felt love for another being and cares for himself more than other people, but at the same time he feels very unworthy. He is sort of a loner and makes his own plans and keeps them to himself.

Charm point: Once their together, he can’t stop telling everyone that the MC is his girl

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push down, because he says that he’s the best lay in Iga and he needs to prove it

Would have eloped with: No one really, Goemon keeps the MC pretty much to himself

Favorite moments: 

  • When the MC does animal calls (or any of the “horny cat” situations)
  • When Hanzo comes across the MC and Goemon and hurries away saying “I’ll pretend I didn’t see”
  • The conversation where the ninja volunteer themselves to crossdress in order to be hired as a maid
  • The MC’s surprising “seduction” skills
  • Goemon’s ability to read the MC’s mind
  • Goemon and Musashi’s duel
  • “We’ll survive together”
  • The bath scene in the Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • Goemon flits with the MC like crazy and asks repeated if she has fallen for him yet, but as soon as she begins to have feelings for him, he starts pushing her away. The only saving grace as that this is brought up earlier than it is in the other routes

Worth the price of admission?: It’s an interesting route, but I prefer Goemon in Sasuke’s route

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read any

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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