Sasuke Sarutobi


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Sasuke to travel with. After making her decision, Hanzo and her adoptive grandfather immediately take her to the side and express their concerns that Sasuke will make a move on her. Hanzo expressly warns the MC to reject Sasuke’s advances. When everyone sets off, the MC and Sasuke travel through the mountains on the way to Iga.

What I think of him: Sasuke is rowdy and wild, but still somewhat pure and naive. Even though he seems childish at times he is also surprisingly adult at others. He is estranged from his family, but has Saizo to look after him. He’s determined to become a great ninja and a man worthy of the MC. He has a hard time controlling his desire to be with the MC but is good about giving her the space she needs to her own decisions.

Charm point: He fell for the MC at first sight

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, a comforting one when the MC needs it the most

Would have eloped with:

  • Goemon, because he is unexpectedly sweet and wants the MC for his bride
  • Musashi, because he saved the MC when she needed it most

Favorite moments:

  • When Sasuke says that of course he knew that something was wrong with the MC, they spent so much time together after all
  • Sasuke’s hickie
  • The MC getting the sex talk from Kuma and then following up on her new info with Sasuke
  • Goemon’s confession
  • Saizo’s parenting skills

Worst moments:

  • For it being Sasuke’s route I felt like a huge chunk of the time was spent on other guys (especially Goemon)
  • Did Hanzo really need to put up such a big fuss about the MC being with Sasuke, especially since he didn’t do anything about it in the end

Worth the price of admission?: There’s a lot of cuteness in this route, but if you were eagerly anticipating this route, you’ll it probably won’t meet your expectations. If you like Sasuke and are a Goemon fan and want something bittersweet, this might do it for you

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Didn’t read any

Notable substories: Didn’t read any

Recommended routes:


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