Soji Higashiyama


Plot Summary: The MC divorces Koichi and throws herself into her work. Her next job is for the hotel magnate, Ginnosuke Ogui, and he wants a custom work from the reclusive ceramic artist, Soji, who is the younger brother of her ex-boyfriend from high school. Feeling excited to see Soji after fifteen years, the MC goes to Soji’s studio to convince him to take the job. When they finally meet again face-to-face, Soji tells the MC that he never wanted to see her again. The MC is hurt but determined to get him on board for her job. She begins making the trip up to his studio every weekend and slowly begins to get close to him.

What I think of him: Soji is quiet, very blunt but also kind. He has always been overshadowed by his elder brother, Genji and has a bit of a brother complex. He likes to be alone and deals better with older folks since he was largely raised by his grandmother. He got into ceramics in high school and has been passionately pursing it since.

Charm point: He has loved the MC since he first saw her (which was before she dated Genji)

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, because you fit perfectly in his arms and he’s wanted to hold you for so long

Would have eloped with: 

  • Genji, because he has some great moments. I was tearing up when he and the MC went to visit the high school

Favorite moments:

  • When Soji teaches the MC ceramics
  • Going to the beach with Soji and Genji
  • When Soji watches the MC works
  • When the MC talks to Soji about his divorce
  • Nanami’s advice to “leap before you look”

Worst moments:

  • Why do all the random women need to hit on Soji? (It’s a minor complaint, I’m nitpicking)

Worth the price of admission?: Yes!

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: The MC and Soji have a long-distance relationship. The MC worries about choosing between Soji and her job. Soji is sweet in this one and both of them learn that they should lean on each other
  • Sequel: Soji returns to Tokyo for a job. The MC and Soji begin to have serious communication problems as both the  MC and Soji hold in everything they’re feeling which causes a rift between them. Genji is great in this route (though it’a a little bitter sweet since you can tell he is still in love with the MC). Soji also has great moments, especially after all the confusion and hurt feelings are sorted out

Notable substories:

  • A Day with Genji & Soji: There are two Soji routes: 1) the high school path is like an alternate past in which Soji gets to tell the MC how he feels before she starts going out with Genji. It is cute and if you prefer Soji to Genji it will make you sad that it didn’t really happen. 2) In the adult route, the MC and Soji meet up for a date and go all sorts of places. There are lots of cute moments, especially the part with the deer

Recommended routes:


4 thoughts on “Soji Higashiyama

  1. omg soji… he was my favourite from pretty much any voltage game i’ve ever played… ugh i wish they still made storylines like the old games where not every single game has to be filled with mean people who talk down to the heroine all the time but has complex characters and nuanced and realistic dialogue… sighhh

    i also loved genji in this route. loved him so much more in this route than in any other route, including his own (though granted i didn’t read his pov either; was too fed up with him by that point)


    • I agree Genji was probably more likable in this route than in any of the others (Genji’s PoV does help my liking of him in his route since it explains him better, but it’s won’t make you like him if you don’t already at that point).
      The older Voltage games in general feel like they were written for a more mature audience than the new ones. They were more comfortable in being about more everyday things instead of needing all the flash of the new games (not to say I don’t have fun with the new games).


      • True, though I guess the FILA games could be the more recent equivalent? I wonder if they’re not as popular as the more fantastical games like KIBB or EITM…? That’d be a shame.


      • By looking at whp tends to dominate the populatity polls and which stories get the most updates, I would say it is pretty clear which stories are doing the best. Although I was pleased to see Kiss of Revenge included in the most recent sale.


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