Tsukasa Niregi


Plot Summary: The MC divorces Koichi and moves into an apartment but she doesn’t tell anyone but those closest to her about her divorce. One girls’ night out, the MC meet Tsukasa, who attends the same art school as Kiyoto. He is a jewelry maker and since he instantly takes a shine to the MC he invites her to an upcoming art exhibition at his school. Since the MC’s next job at work happens to be renovating the restaurant Tsukasa works at, the MC finds herself more and more drawn to the college student as she spends time with him.

What I think of him: Tsukasa is a considerate person who always puts others before himself. He tries to please those around him and hides his innermost thoughts and can appear cold because of this.Since he is so friendly and physical he sometimes gives girls the impression that he’s interested in them. His dream is to move people through his jewelry.

Charm point: He’s like a giant puppy

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, all the time when you are out together

Would have eloped with: 

  • Kiyoto, because he’s always talking big and getting shot down. He also tries to help (usually by instigating)

Favorite moments: 

  • When the MC accidentally pushes Tsukasa down
  • When the MC actually talks about her divorce (to Tsukasa and then again later to her coworkers)
  • Shopping with Tsukasa
  • How both the MC and Tsukasa inspire each other to overcome their obstacles and grow as people

Worst moments:

  • Tsukasa’s misunderstanding was hard and drawn out

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, it’s a sweet route for the most part

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC is having trouble at work and Tsukasa decides that they shouldn’t see each other until things cool down. Thematically this story touches on the age difference and the (small) insecurities both have regarding it, and also on the issue of leaning on each other. There is a part where the MC gets drunk and it is great.

Notable substories:

  • A Day with Him – Ritsu & Tsukasa: The MC and Tsukasa take a trip. It’s cute and the only substory he has.

Recommended routes:


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