Ritsu Moriyama


Plot Summary: This route jumps back to when the MC and Koichi were just engaged. One day she meets Koichi’s long time friend, Ritsu. While he is alone with the MC, Ritsu tells her that Koichi isn’t suitable for her. Disregarding Ritsu’s warning, the MC goes on with the wedding. Months later, the MC is uneasy about her marriage. She and Koichi are practically strangers; they never eat together, barely talk, and are not intimate. Additionally, the MC caught the scent of perfume on one of Koichi’s suits.

The MC has a design job at a high school and is surprised to find out that Ritsu works there. She ends up venting to him, and Ritsu decides to help her out by telling Koichi that he’s going to take the MC away.

What I think of him: Ristu marches to the beat of his own drum. He does things his own way but will explain himself if questioned. He is very intelligent but doesn’t have anyone who will listen to him talk sciencey things. He is especially into astronomy. He has a big appetite but can forget several meals in a row when working on a paper.

Charm point: He needs a keep to make sure he stays alive/well fed/not drowning in the tub

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, under the stars

Would have eloped with: There is a second near the end of the route where I might have been okay with the MC staying with Koichi

Favorite moments: 

  • Moving in with Ritsu
  • Cooking with Ritsu
  • How the MC is able to focus on work even with her crazy personal life
  • Ritsu taking the MC up to various heights
  • Ritsu telling Koichi off
  • Making sure the Ritsu doesn’t drown in the bath

Worst moments:

  • Did Koichi have to make me hate him again after making up with the MC?
  • That the MC misses the construction crew’s party after that tough old guy personally invites her

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, so long as you are okay with the kind of bad ways that Ritsu and the MC go about things

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Features a cultural festival at Ritsu’s school. Since Ritsu only pays attention to things that he’s interested in the MC begins to fret and ends up breaking a promise with him

Notable substories: 

  • A Secret Night with Ritsu & Shohei: Ritsu almost drowns himself in the tub again and he tells the MC about a dream he had where she was his student. It’s cute, especially how Ritsu keeps confusing the dream and reality. It isn’t as nsfw as a teacher-student romance sounds.
  • A Day with Him – Ritsu & Tsukasa: This story is a lot of cute, everyday moments between Ritsu and the MC. There isn’t a conflict and it’s sort of like a string of drabbles, but it’s adorable.

Recommended routes:


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