Ginnosuke Oguri


Plot Summary: The MC doesn’t confront Koichi about his cheating. One day at a bar, Ginnosuke approaches her and she ends up venting to him. He advises her to end the marriage. Ginnosuke is actually the “King of Hotels” and her firms next big client. He selects the MC, a complete design newbie, to be in charge of the design for his new, high class hotel. Ginnosuke has high work standard that the MC struggles to meet while he alternately flirts with her and tries to help her out with marriage issues. But just as her relationship with Koichi improves, the MC finds herself more and more drawn to Ginnosuke.

What I think of him: Ginnosuke is a womanizer and he’s pretty open about his love for beautiful women. He wasn’t always rich but has become accustomed to the lifestyle. “Classy” is probably a choice word for him. He is serious about his hotel business and has high standards for himself and those working for him. He’s very even tempered and nothing seems to frazzle him. He has a cat, Milk, who he dotes on. He’s divorced and has given up on marriage, but he admires those who can stick it out. He frequently thinks about his best friend who is dead.

Charm point: He can’t handle hot (in the warm sense) foods

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push down, he’s always saying that the MC should become his lover so she needs to make him put his money where his mouth is

Would have eloped with:

  • Koichi, but only after he has reformed. I found the last scene with him touching
  • Kippei, he is great at backing up the MC in his quite way

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC makes Ginnosuke take back his words
  • How the MC sticks to her decision about Koichi when she finally comes to one
  • Ginnosuke’s promise to the MC while she is sleeping
  • When the MC and Ginnosuke talk about food
  • Seeing Ginnosuke in his home
  • When the MC calls Ginnosuke on his jokes

Worst moments:

  • When the MC says she’s going to talk to Koichi, waffles after seeing him, and then doesn’t know why Ginnosuke is upset/avoiding her
  • The MC cries so much towards the end of the route, and always in the same way

Worth the price of admission?: If you want a classy older guy or a story that has a more of an adult feeling, this is the one you want

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Ginnosuke comes back to Japan for a visit. The MC frets about their difference in status and her lack of confidence in herself. She also worries about the press hassling her if they find out about her relationship with Ginnosuke. This is a more realistic epilogue and deals with issues that need to be addressed if the MC’s relationship with Ginnosuke is going to be long term, and there is some sweetness too. Ginnosuke sort of has a Genji moment.
  • Sequel: Ginnosuke requests the MC (and Kippei) help with the design of a new hotel he’s opening in a castle in France. While the Epilogue dealt with the MC’s insecurities and her worries about the press, this story deals with the same but from Ginnosuke’s side. Sure the MC has to do something so she feels validated, but this route is about the scars Ginnosuke has from his divorce, his refusal to remarry, and his desire to shield and protect the MC. There’s a part near the end when the MC decides that she is going to propose to Ginnosuke, and it’s great.

Notable substories:

  • A Day With Him: The MC and Ginnosuke are on vacation in Tahiti and since they don’t have to worry about the press, he is a lot more forward and open

Recommended routes:


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