This is an older review re-posted from my tumblr


What I think of him: Thumbelina has sort of a spoiled kid vibe. He’s very used to getting his way via his pheromones. He’s also sort of resigned to the trouble his pheromones cause (he sighs a lot). He doesn’t really know how to interact with others on a normal level

He’s full of a curiosity and wonder that makes him seem child-like at times

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Pinky promise, more and more as older ones are fulfilled

Would have eloped with: No one, I wasn’t even really attached to Thumbelina

Favorite Moments:

  • The whole cake eating part
  • Any part where Thumbelina and the MC make a pinky promise
  • When the MC does awesome things with her magic, like dive into the ravine to find Thumbelina
  • Thumbelina interrupting the wedding

Worst Moment:

  • Thumbelina can be annoying at times.
  • The side characters (Marybelle, Toto, and the other twin) weren’t used very well
  • The MC decided that she was just going to go along with the wedding and wait because she believed in Thumbelina… ugh

Replay: Maybe? I’m curious about the Sweet Ending but the 19 Sweets checkpoint is tough (plus I don’t want to pay for the love boost)


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