This is an older review reposted from my tumblr


What I think of him: Ryuzaburo is super congenial. He’s very determined to keep his promise to the MC’s mother. He’s mature and seems to be a little naive (sometimes when he doesn’t know what to do he just reacts childishly). He doesn’t seem to think about the emotional side of things until he is confronted with it.

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Push down, but not that way, push him into a lake starting a water war

Would have eloped with:  Jinnosuke, unlike the other routes he’s actually mostly okay, and in the end I think he proves that he really loved the MC.

Favorite Moments:

  • I love Ryuzaburo’s demon form, even more than I love the sleeves of his human form.
  • When Ryuzaburo finds out about the pin from Jinnosuke, his reaction is funny.
  • The guts the MC showed by going into the fire to help a woman escape.

Worst Moment:

  • I dislike the whole Ryuzaburo and the MC’s mom thing. Nope-ity, nope-ity, nope.

Replay?: Yeah, since it’s free and I need the Happy End CG. Plus the route wasn’t bad.


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