This is an older review reposted from my Tumblr


What I think of him: Raug seems like a stickler for rules and order, except that he also likes to do what he thinks is best. And to be fair, since he is so cool and logical, he is frequently right. He doesn’t explain himself and he doesn’t give excuses, not even when doing so might save his life.

Raug is confident in his power. And because of that confidence he doesn’t seem care much about the struggles of the world around him. But really he just keeps his true feelings close to himself.

He’s really forceful, to the point that he is borderline abusive (like many of the Solmare guys). He almost immediately sees the MC as his and doesn’t want anyone else to touch her or be around her (excepting Fluke). When the MC becomes uneasy (out of jealousy), he likes it, and encourages it rather than reassuring her.

He’s the kind of guy I can like because he’s fictional but if he was real I’d be nope-ing right out of there.

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Kisses, for “protection”

Would have eloped with: Fluke? I wish he had a sprite, but he always showed up to help the MC when she needed someone. Plus he was willing to stand up to Diaval, and possibly loose his life, to help her

Favorite Moments:

  • When the MC tells Raug to leave because she wants to paint alone, so sassy
  • When the MC blasts Reiner (I think I will like Reiner, but like Ruvel is a dick in Diaval’s route, Reiner is the same in Raug’s)
  • When the MC blasts the Demon King
  • When Fluke defends the MC. Because it is cute (I have so many Fluke feels, so sue me)
  • All the various times the MC finally decides things (to paint, to go to the Demon Realm after Raug, to barge into the throne room, to become a demon)
  • The scene where the MC and Raug go back and forth protecting each other. This MC does her share of the protecting and rescuing which is nice

Worst Moment

  • I dislike the MC’s indecision. Learning that you only have 7 days to live and having to pick where you are going is a big decision, but when Raug repeatedly asks her “what do you want to do” and “do you want to become an angel or demon”, all she says is “I don’t know”. Even on the 6th day she is unable to give a firm reply. It’s no surprise that Raug doesn’t believe that she wants to stay with him.

Replay?: Yes, I’d like to see the other ending. Plus Raug and Fluke are great.

This route sort of takes the best part of Diaval’s route (the indecision over whether the guy should take the soul of the girl he loves or if he should let her become an angel) and just inserts a much more handsy and aggressive guy (and I don’t know if that’s a plus or a minus).


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