This is an older review reposted from my tumblr.


What I think of him: Raizo is naive and outspoken. He’s dense (nice to have the thickheaded one be the guy for once) but has a sunny disposition. If this were a shounen manga, Raizo would be the protagonist, he’s that kind of guy

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Kiss to heal his wounds, or perhaps be pushed down because he couldn’t take it any longer

Would have eloped with: Maybe Hikobane. I like how Hikobane is always “Princess!” “Princess!”.

Favorite Moments:

  • When Raizo and the MC go to the inn and “play” a married couple
  • When the MC is being tsundere in this route. I liked in the beginning when she was like “no way I’m trusting you strangers” and ran away, also when she pulled the “look over there” trick on Raizo
  • When the MC opens a window and Raizo is RIGHT THERE
  • When the MC is possessed

Worst Moment:

  • I feel like Yuki was underutilized this time around. I like the part where Raizo stops her from attacking at the end, but really there was no reason for her to live past the confrontation in town

Replay?: Yes. Not only do I need to go back for the Happy End CG, but right now he is my second favorite in this game


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