This is an older review reposted from my Tumblr


What I think of him: Melchiorre is a man always surrounded by women, and indeed he is a huge flirt. But he uses his flirting to achieve his own ends (usually to support his brothers or help the MC). He likes women, regardless of status or age, he’s like his father in that way.

He is the kind of guy who hates himself, but no one knows because he is always putting on a frivolous show.

Melchiorre does what he thinks is best for the people he cares for, regardless of what they feel and without telling them. He does so even if it means hurting himself or the other person.

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Scold severely, then be shut up with a kiss or invasion of personal bubble, probably

MC’s best moment

Would have eloped with: Melchiorre is such a hand full that the MC had to spend all of her time tracking him down, but Lambert made a good showing this time around and I might play his route after all

Favorite Moments:

  • The CGs are gorgeous, they are so soft and pastel 🙂
  • I like the Happy Princess ending with the MC freaking out and the princes snarking at her and the proposal
  • In the beginning the MC doesn’t take any of Melchiorre’s shit
  • When the MC tells King Tamir to execute her

Worst Moment

  • Essentially everything with Melchiorre in the beginning. Like when he is flirting with Fatlina and says he doesn’t remember who the MC is, or when he ditches her on the roof of the palace with no way to get down (that really ticked me off and I nearly ditched the route at that point)

Replay?: Probably not. Melchiorre is sweet by the end but he is horrible at the beginning. I have no idea why the MC actually fell in love with him


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