Ichiro Sasaki

This is an older review reposted from by Tumblr


What I think of him: Sakaki is super cheerful and openly affectionate (usually physically). Even though he’d be the first one to mention his age, he’s a kid at heart (major sweet tooth included). His vibrancy and passion rub off on the people around him as he is fairly charismatic and a natural leader. He is always thinking about the people working under him and what he can do to help them out or protect them. He seems to always be smiling but he just keeps all of his negatives emotions and worries to himself. Because of how he is, it is hard to tell when he started liking the MC or if he liked her even when she was in school.

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Kiss. In public when “no one” is looking.

Would have eloped with: Shota. I love Shota, and in this route he was present and adorable.

Favorite Moments:

  • When the MC and Sakaki are in the mountain cabin resting. It was cute.
  • In the Sweet End where the MC tries to seduce Sakaki on the advice of a co-worker.
  • The MC’s fairly sensible this time around. She does things like try to gain control of the panicking scientists to lead them to safety.
  • Sakaki’s openness about their relationship and his affection once they get together is nice and very sweet.

Worst Moment

  • Sakaki always steps in before the MC can realize any of her plans (like helping the scientists escape). It’s sweet at first, but I’d like for her to be able to do something kick-ass on her own…
  • Sakaki’s change of heart after rejecting the MC. I’m not mad that he changed his mind (I’m glad he did), it’s just that he changed his mind so quickly that there was really no point in having him reject her in the first place…

Replay?: Already started on the replay for the Happy Ending. I might need a save ticket for the sweet ending…


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