This is an older review reposted from my tumblr.


What I think of him: Chauvinist pig! Okay, not really. But all his “women shouldn’t fight!” stuff really grated. I could have gone with it if he had just stopped harping on it. I know that it wall all for the MC’s own good but man did I spend the longest time wanting to punch Ethan through my iPad screen. He is pretty adorable once he gets drunk and after he gets off his high horse as well. He’s pretty cute when he’s blushing.

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: (Slap!) Kiss, while he’s drunk so he wouldn’t remember the next morning (because that was pretty funny/interesting)

Would have eloped with: 

  • Estel and Ray both. The MC and them would be a threesome in the woods. Estel and Ray would be able to flirt bicker everyday to their heart’s content
  • Or possibly Estel just himself because I felt so bad when they part ways in the Sweet Ending and Estel says he’ll continue to wait for the MC.(and I like his stubborn insistence when they reunite)

Favorite Moments:

  • When the MC launches herself at one of the dragon’s face’s. Awesome.
  • When the MC gets ticked off because Ethan stole her first kiss and forgot.
  • When Ethan gets drunk, makes a move on the MC, and forgets about it the next morning
  • Also when Estel and Ray gang up on Ethan. (This argumentative duo is what got me to the end of the route)

Worst Moment

  • All of Ethan’s nagging
  • When the MC decides she’s going to prove herself and then gets frozen stiff. I understand the writer’s logic, but personally I was waiting for the MC to open up a can of whupass to shut Ethan up, but then she let me down
  • Also, Ethan finally says something I can get fully behind when he’s like “so this whole quest was for nothing”, and I was like “YES!” the whole thing feels pointless if you just give the object of the quest to the person who stole it!

Replay?: I will because I obsessively collect CG so I need to go through again to get the Happy End. But I’m going to skip through it and not reread until close to the end.


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