This is an older review reposted from my tumblr.


What I think of him: Diaval lazily goes about his work, even though he takes it seriously, although he has no intention to advance. He’s sexy and uses that and his demon magic to his advantage. Even though he pretends to be apathetic he actually cares for the people/demons/beings around him. He enjoys chocolate and finds human foods more appealing that he should/says he does.

Cuddle, Kiss, or Push Down: Kiss to wake him up while he’s curled up in bed

Would have eloped with: No one!

Favorite Moments:

  • When Diaval has told Latis to take the MC to heaven and he and the MC are spending their “last moments” together. The emotions in this part are so great, I was getting teary-eyed and it was so hard when my energy ran out
  • When the MC decides to go to hell and stay with Dival, no matter what would happen to her or what consequences she might face

Worst Moment:

  • When the MC is almost raped and Ruvel is just watching. I liked Ruvel and this part just hurt me so bad…

Replay?: Definitely. I wasn’t looking forward to this route at first but it turned out to be my favorite route out of the main three guys. If I buy the paid version of any route in this game, it will be this one.


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