Plot Summary: The MC is still adjusting to Niflheim when there is suddenly a rash of attacks. The perpetrator steals the quality that makes the victim unique, and leaves behind a note “pretty boys must die”. The MC is determined to find out who is behind the attacks with the help of Victor, the local doctor with multi-personalities who seems to have some inside knowledge about the case.

What I think of him: Victor is a great doctor. He usually has a gentle and meek personality. But he also has a bunch of other personalities inside of him, ranging from a violent hothead to a calm intellectual. He is lonely and wants a family but simultaneously feels like he doesn’t deserve a wife.

Charm point: He puts the MC up on a pedestal

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle because he is so lonely and burdened

Would have eloped with:

  • Jean, even after his personality change lol

Favorite moments: 

  • I find Victor’s personality interesting
  • When Jean and Orlando are being nice to each other
  • Actually, pretty much all of the personality switches

Worst moments:

  • I dislike the Mystical Ending, it is mostly about Victor’s father so if you like the father, enjoy

Worth the price of admission?: It isn’t my favorite route for this game, but it’s free so if you’re up for it go for it (although I recommend the Romantic Ending over the Mystical Ending)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories:

  • The proposal story is cute enough if you like Victor

Recommended routes:


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