Shusuke Soma


Plot Summary: MS1 – Just when Instructor Soma asks the MC to officially be his aide, her fraudulent acceptance is exposed. Instructor Soma convinces the other instructors to let you stay, provided that you past the upcoming tests. With Soma’s support, the MC is motivated to throw herself into her studies. But being in the Special Police isn’t just fighting crime and taking in bad guys. Soma is in charge of informants and he insists on showing the MC the dark side of the SP.

MS2 – Shortly the mission from the first story is closed, Soma tells the MC that they will be posing as a married couple for their next mission. As their secret life together unfolds during the weekends, the MC finds herself more and more attracted to her professor. At the same time she is slowly getting to know what he is like beneath his usual kindness.

What I think of him: Soma is kind and calm, but he is the guy that no one wants to make angry. He is a caring individual but has definite walls that he has set up against others. He is much more subtle about it but he really enjoys teasing the MC. Sometimes he appears to be off in his own world and is one of the few who seems to understand Kurosawa’s world. Because of an event in his past he doesn’t trust himself, and he reflects this by not trusting others. He sees himself as a bad guy.

Charm point: He considers his bonsai trees to be his children

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, because this guy is a beast once he gets going

Would have eloped with: 

  • Goto, because he was cute with all his blushing and he was also an important support for the MC
  • Shinonome, because he keeps teasing and messing with the MC and it feels like some sort of juvenile crush
  • Kurosawa, this is the only time I’ll put a non-playable guy (at least he isn’t in this game) in this section. I just find Kurosawa so quirky and nice. Whenever he comes on screen I always want to hug him

Favorite moments:

  • The conversation after Kurosawa learning Soma called him the “King of Public Safety”
  • Shinonome and Kurosawa’s shenanigans
  • The whole thing with Stephanie
  • How determined that the MC is to improve
  • The first Secret Story of MS1
  • The second Secret Story of MS2
  • When the MC shouts at Soma

Worst moments:

  • Soma firing the MC as his aide (it was pointless and he knew it)
  • I hate, hate, hate the way this game is set up (splitting the route in two and also that you have to unlock the Secret Stories)

Worth the price of admission?: Only if you think you would really like this character

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • The epilogue is cute but mostly meh. It’s a typical he-might-see-me-as-a-child-so-I’m-going-to-act-like-an-adult story.

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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