Yakov Chernenkov


Plot Summary: The MC is on her way home to Oriens when her plane is hijacked. She is taken hostage and the man who saves her is neither a model nor a martial artist as she initially expects. He’s a man who says he will unified the chaotic country of Sanct Sybil. Until she can get a new passport to replace her bullet-holed one, the MC stays at Yakov’s palace, and gets to know the man who is driven to improve the circumstance of his countrymen and who still always seems to find time to spend with her. But the hijacking may also be related to a struggle for the throne and the MC may have just become embroiled in the dangerous situation.

What I think of him: Yakov is driven and passionate. He presents an icy appearance to some and to others seems like a frivolous playboy, but he is always doing what he can to reach his goal. He’s had a tough life but is always looking forward. He is only open to those closest to him and is a bit of a handful since he does as he pleases much of the time.

Charm point: He only shows his childish side to those closest to him

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle into his arms as he carries you away, because what kind of Sant Sybil man would he be if he couldn’t run with you in his arms?

Would have eloped with: No one because this route is all Yakov, all the time

Favorite moments: 

  • Riding double with him
  • When he kisses the back of the MC’s hand
  • When he starts acting like a kid
  • Hearing the reason why he keeps his hair long
  • When he runs off with the MC at the airport

Worst moments:

  • Being around Sergei is tough until the MC has her revelation

Worth the price of admission?: Yes!

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): There is nothing in English beyond his main route… All the sadness…

Notable substories: None of these either…

Recommended routes:


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