Yuto Tsuruya


Plot Summary: At the single’s event the MC chooses Yuuto because he appears to be the least serious. But Yuto seems determined to pursue her. And it isn’t only him, his best friend, Kamei, wants to get closer to the MC as well. But the two college boys are up to more than dragging the MC around with them. Yuto is running a large dessert even in Jiyugaoka and he wants the MC to be part of it.

What I think of him: Yuto is a super popular and super busy guy (seriously, he’s a college student, an amateur model, he helps out at Tsuruya’s, and he manages to hang out and flirt with girls). He feels the responsibility of his position as the heir of Tsuruya’s, a traditional Japanese confectionery. He’s taking his college years as the chance to live freely, but half of the things he does is for Tsuruya’s. He’s a playboy and doesn’t turn away any of the girls that approach him. Despite him being very good at figuring out what other people are thinking, his youth really shows through at times. He is also very good at getting the MC to go along with what he wants.

Charm point: He deeply treasures the MC and wants to become a man worthy of her.

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, at long last because of spoilery reasons.

Would have eloped with: 

  • Sosuke, because he is concerned about the MC.

Favorite moments:

  • The confession at the end
  • All those little moments when you get to see the real him

Worst moments: 

  • I guess the crepe guy was unnecessary?
  • I don’t have any complaints so long as you’re okay with the melodramatic last few chapters
  • Oh, the 13 year age difference can be squicky if you think about it too long. Although it is a plot point, I don’t think this route dwells on the MC’s age over much

Worth the price of admission?: Yes! I love, love, LOVE Yuto.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: It’s the usually, “why won’t he touch me?” scenario. The MC doesn’t freak out as much as MCs usually do in stories like this, which is nice.
  • Sequel: It is a cute story. Both the MC and Yuto have a similar flaw that gets pointed out in the course of the story and it’s nice to see them work through it together. Also the MC gets to show off her mature side while Yuto shows a bit of his immature side. Since Yuto always seems to be so capable, this is really nice to see.

Notable substories:

  • His POV: It’s great to see what’s going on behind that composed face. It’s nice to see what was going on in his head regarding his and Kamei’s game too.
  • Domestic Bliss: Living with Yuto? It is as great as it sounds.

Recommended guys:

  • Mitsunari Baba
  • Prince Oliver Button

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