Ryo Chibana


Plot Summary: For the MC’s first task as a ghost writer, Kyohei tells her she must write two songs – one love song and a 10th anniversary song for Revance – and she only has ten days to turn in her first set of lyrics. Since she isn’t getting anywhere trying to write at the band’s house, the MC decides to try working at her usual cafe. There she runs into Ryo again. He isn’t ready to return yet but is willing to help her out with her lyrics, so long as she doesn’t tell the other guys that she’s seen him. As they continue meetings, the MC finds her mind increasingly focused on Ryo and his reason for leaving Revance.

What I think of him: Ryo has a calm personality and a gentle disposition, but he can also be stubborn. He can be a little bit of a ditz and is very spontaneous. He seems to be off in his own world a lot (it is even mentioned that he daydreams like the MC) and even Taka and Kyohei, who both grew up with him, say they have a hard time understanding what Ryo’s thinking. Even though he is a talented lyricist, he had trouble communicating at times. He feels really bad about having the MC replace him and does whatever he can to make up for it while also hiding his own suffering. Even though he has been with Revance from the beginning and everyone else continuously say how essential he is to the band, Ryo feels that he is lacking compared to the other members.

Charm point: He can be a bit of an airhead

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, on a balcony under the stars

Would have eloped with: Iori, I’m amazed too but Iori is just so… nice in this route. You can clearly see that he feels guilty towards Ryo and how he tries to make up for it while interacting with the MC

Favorite moments:

  • Hearing about Ryo, Takashi, and Kyohei while they were younger
  • Ryo’s extended speech and Revance’s conversation of stage in the Dramatic Ending
  • When the MC snaps back at Iori and he’s actually reflects on his words
  • When the MC is down after the blow-up with Ryo and the guys try to cheer her up/support her

Worst moments:

  • This route feels abrupt. The beginning is fine, but suddenly the MC is in love with Ryo, and Ryo suddenly changes his mind a couple of times in quick succession. Hopefully when Ryo’s POV comes out it will fill in some of the gaps
  • There is this annoying flashback in the middle of a conversation in the Dramatic Ending. If it was simply moved up a line it would have been far less grating
  • The Dramatic Ending and the Romantic Ending were too similar (they used the same scenes too much)
  • Some elements felt re-used from Takashi’s route, which only bothered me while I reflected on the route while writing this
  • Upon reflection I think that my biggest struggle with this route was that, unlike the other routes, the MC just didn’t have as much time to spend with Ryo. In the other routes, she is around the guys all the time since she lives with Revance and she’s their assistant manager, and she just can’t do this with Ryo.

Worth the price of admission?: … I honestly don’t know. I feel like Ryo just doesn’t stand out as much as other guys, but if you can still with him, he grows on you. I’m hoping that his routes will improve as things progress

Also! Ryo doesn’t sing in the ending set bonus video. There is a reason, which is mentioned in the Dramatic Ending and also in the Epilogue. It makes sense but it makes me kind of sad. He does speak though, and he gives the MC a camera a kiss at the end, which made me happy. I’m conflicted, okay?!

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: It was great to see Ryo interacting more with the other guys, both in a work capacity and also at their shared house. We also get to see Ryo getting a little jealous and it’s cute. The dynamics with Ryo and the MC in the house with the rest promise to be fun.
  • Sequel: Since revealing his identify, Ryo is slowly starting to become a full fledged, preforming member of Revance. He seems determined to overcome his shortcomings and match pace with the rest of the guys, and the fans love him. The MC struggles with wanting to support Ryo and feeling like she is loosing some part of him because of his growing popularity.
    The sequel overcomes the problem I had with the main route since Ryo is back in the house, and it helps for the most part, although Ryo distances himself from the MC for hard to understand Ryo-reasons. In general, I just really need a Ryo POV because I’m having a hard time understanding him. Still I liked this about as much as the main route.
  • Sequel Epilogue: Ryo and the MC are supposed to go on vacation but work things happen and they end up not able to go. Additionally, Revance brings a hot American choreographer into the house to help with a dance for a new song. Ryo ends up having intensive one-on-one sessions with the choreographer and the MC is asked not to sit in.
    I hate “rival” routes and was thankful that this was an epilogue and not full length route. The girl was nice and competent, and I didn’t actually hate him. My problem is Ryo. I don’t understand Ryo. When this story was nearing the climax I was so ready for the MC to dump Ryo. He says that the MC is more important to him than anything, including Revance, but I honestly don’t believe him. I just… ugh…

Notable substories:

  • Little Yamada saw where Ryo went: This was a bonus story from the campaign page and was released before Ryo’s route came out. Little Yamada’s personality is great and it was a good sneak peek at Ryo.
  • Sequel Ending Set Bonus: Ryo gets a to do the Nyan Nyan photo shoot with the photographer that did Kyohei. The spread is supposed to focus on an interview, but the photographer is good at getting Ryo to move at her pace, and things soon get out of hand. It’s sort of funny to watch (and Ryo would have totally won Nagito’s “sexy one” bet).
  • Ryo His POV: The main route from Ryo’s POV. Since the MC and Ryo spend less time together (compared with the routes of the other guys) there is a lot of new content in this substory which is always nice to see. It didn’t get me to finally understand Ryo (which I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m have trouble with), but it does emphasize how much Ryo was stuck in a spiral of negativity and how little faith he has in himself. It ends disappointingly soon, before the scandal about the MC breaks, but I guess that it is a good thing that he decided to return before that(?),
  • Ryo Sequel His POV: The sequel route from Ryo’s POV. I liked this much better than the POV of the first route. Similar to the other POV, since the MC and Ryo spend so much time apart there is a lot of new content. Previously I had trouble believing that the MC was Ryo’s top priority (as he says), but seeing how much he thinks about her in this substory, I finally believe it.

Recommended routes:


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