Masashi Himuro


Plot Summary: Six months after joining the 2nd unit, the MC meets medical examiner Masashi Himuro at the site of what appears to be a suicide. When the suicide turns out to a murder, the MC must try to solve the case while working again the family of the victim who deeply distrust the police,  Additionally, Himuro has been threatened, and she must help guard the woman hating doctor.

What I think of him: Himuro is a man of few words, and when he does speak he is extremely blunt. He’s upfront about his dislike for women and his hatred for liars. Since an even six years ago, he has become isolated and is accustomed to doing everything on his own. He’s hard to understand because he doesn’t bother to explain himself. Himuro is very dedicated to his work and, more than anyone, always carries the burden of his work.

Charm point: He is a true choco-holic.

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push down because, damm*t Himuro, you need to rest.

Would have eloped with: Himuro is a handful so the MC doesn’t spend much time with anyone else.

Favorite moments: 

  • Any time the MC sasses Himuro
  • The violin scene
  • “Don’t make me a liar”
  • Anything with Himuro and chocolate

Worst moments:

  • What even is the mastermind’s evil plot to get rid of the MC and Himuro? Ridiculousness. Not even my “it was for CG purposes” excuse worked
  • Probably 75% of Himuro’s dialogue is “…” and I really didn’t peg him as the quiet type at first
  • The MC didn’t do things. She intended to, but there’s no follow through

Worth the price of admission?: If you can stand the verbal abuse (that’s most of the remaining 25%), then yes

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: Himuro is getting out of the hospital and although he tells the MC not to come for his release but invites her over to his house that night. Himuro’s personality complete does a 180 with the MC. You can really tell that he cherishes her which is super cute
  • Sequel: Himuro promises that he will protect the MC and that promise is put to the test when a case involving a pair of siblings that Himuro cares for comes in. This case was brutal, but I saw the plot twist coming from as soon as the siblings were introduced. The proposals were sweet (though the endings had too many shared scenes for my taste), and I liked that they kept up with Himuro making the MC promise that she would only cry in his presence. It was also nice that they acknowledged that while the idea of someone saying they will protect you with their life is nice, the reality of it is an all together different matter
  • Armed and Engaged: Even though they are engaged, Himuro and the MC barely get any time together so Himuro asks the MC to move in, but first he want to get permission from her parents. Going to introduce Himuro to her parents gets the MC thinking about Himuro’s estranged father. Then the 2nd Unit is notified that executives from Himuro Pharmaceutical are being targeted. This is all about family, but seeing Himuro interact with his nephew is pretty darn cute, and it is also cute how all the Himuro men are so similar. One slight issue I had with this route was that no new sprites were introduced so at times I got the new characters mixed up

Notable substories: There aren’t any yet

Recommended routes: 


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