True Love Sweet Lies


Company: Voltage

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: The MC is a freelance photographer. The day after taking a photo that could make her career, she runs into several hot guys and life is looking up. But their interest in her was all a lie. They are detectives from the Fuse Detective Agency and what they really want is her photo. And when some scary guys abduct her, the MC finds out that they aren’t the only ones. Luckily, the Fuse Detectives aren’t going to let the lead for their case go so easily.

MC: This MC is spunky and determined to make it as a freelance photographer. Sure it’s a little scary that so many people are after her photo but she thinks she can also work with this. Sometimes she puts on a facade to get along with someone, but she can’t hold it for long. She isn’t terribly girl but objects to her femininity being ranked beneath a transgender goat. She starts talking back to the guys pretty quickly which is great.


  • Kiyoharu Nanahoshi: An arrogant and stuck-up mechanic. He’s a great liar and it’s hard to tell at times if he’s being truthful. He’s Sakuya’s older brother by two whole minutes and cares for him deeply despite all their disagreements.
  • Naomasa Sakura: A distant lawyer. He is fairly straightforward but difficult to get close to, but he can also be a little dense. His father is the leader of a yakuza gang and they are estranged.
  • Nozumu Fuse: The chief of the detective agency and former Interpol officer. He almost never goes out to investigate himself. He’s usually cheerful and also irresponsible. Sometimes he acts like he’s an old man. Even though he’s very capable he rarely shows it.
  • Rui Wakaba: A famous actor. He has been a famous idol since he was a child. He always puts on a cheerful face but is actually quiet lonely. He is not as good as the other detectives but he tries.
  • Sakuya Nanahoshi: A quiet hacker who bartends as a front. He dislikes women and can be awkward and shy. He is Kiyoharu’s twin and the two have a difficult relationship.

Impressions: This game sort of slipped under my radar initially, probably because a bunch of other games were coming out around the same time (Scandal in the Spotlight and Star-Crossed Myth) and also because I wasn’t interested in the game’s poster boy, Kiyoharu, who was all over all the stuff for this game. The game is fun, I really enjoyed some of the guys (Naomasa, I’m talking about Naomasa), but with as many otoge as there are, I’d rather play something else.

True Love Sweet Lies also has the mechanic where you have to play the whole game over if you want both good endings, unless you purchase the ending set. The ending set for the main story comes with an ad-free ending movie and also a special ending story. The stories are cute and I like the end videos (though not as much as the ones from Scandal in the Spotlight). The sequel end set includes a lame “movie” which is just animation for one of the CG and another cute little story. The ends sets are really a must buy, but again I recommend the main story set over the sequel set.

Favorite Guy: Naomasa Sakura

Favorite Route: Naomasa Sakura

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