The Seal of Lycrois


Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free

Synopsis: On the way home on the subway one day, the MC is caught in the middle of a battle between a vampire and a kitsune. Both supernatural beings claim her, and when her childhood friend tries to protect her he is bitten. They manage to escape, but the crimson moon rises. Soon she will learn all about her previous life, her power, her destiny, and her ties to the men who attacked her.

MC: She is frightened by what is going on around her and most wants to protect Tomoyuki who was bitten trying to protect her. She has been having strange dreams ans is a little frightened to find out what they mean. She was very powerful in her former life.


  • Cain: A cold and distant vampire who’s greatest desire is to die.
  • Tomoyuki Abe: A human man who the MC has known since she was a child. He is calm and scholarly and wants only to protect the MC.
  • Yuie: A bright and outgoing kitsune who never reveals his true emotions.

Impressions: The prologue of this game is so awesome, it gave me chills. It really is too bad that the rest of the story isn’t voice acted. Other problems this game has is the energy method which is annoying since you get a random amount of energy each day. As with Love Academy I suggest stockpiling energy for a month or so before actually playing (unless you want to purchase the route). Again like Love Academy, all the routes are a separate app, Probably the most upsetting thing is that if you do end up buying the route, the CG are a separate purchase.

Despite all that, I like this this game. It has some beautiful story telling. I will tell you that if you are interested in multiple guys, play Tomoyuki last because playing his route killed my desire to play through Cain and Yuie’s routes. If you’d like a supernatural romances, give this one a try.

Favorite Guy: Tomoyuki Abe

Favorite Route: Tomoyuki Abe

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