Starstruck Love


Company: Arithmetic

Cost: Free

Synopsis: When the MC looses her parents in an accident, she is taken in my the father of her childhood friend. Determined to pay her parents’ debt herself, the MC decides that she will become an idol for her new father’s company. What she doesn’t expect is for her new brother, who are fellow idols, and another popular idol to become involve themselves so thoroughly in in her life. And although the world of the stars may seem glitzy, there is something dark just beneath the surface.

MC: Even though her parents passed away in an accident she doesn’t dwell on it. Instead she focuses on trying to pay off the debt they left behind and the costs of their funerals. Even though she and her childhood friend, Toma, had long since drifted apart she doesn’t put up much fuss when his father takes her in and picks up her parent’s bills. She is determined to succeed as an idol but isn’t doing too hot. She tries to see the Jonouchi boys as her brothers but it doesn’t really work since they’re supposed to act as though they don’t know each other in public. She has an effect on guys, but is dangerously oblivious to it.


  • Ryo Jonouchi: The middle brother. He is a flirt, has a big ego, and is the one who most aggressively hits on the MC. He also encourages her to quit.
  • Ryusei Akesato: A kind, popular idol who is always willing to use his experience to help the MC out.
  • Shion Jonouchi: The eldest brother. He is dependable and kind. He dotes on the MC.
  • Toma Jonouchi: The youngest brother and the MC’s childhood friend. He is quiet and cold towards the MC. He is against taking the MC in and also allowing her to become an idol.

Impressions: This is a yandere game. If you’re not into that click away now, there is no hope for you here.

The set up for this game is a little weird. Why would the Toma’s father, who not only owns a famous talent agency but also lives with his three famous idol sons, adopt the MC and take on her parent’s death, especially since she and Toma have grown apart? It is implied that, just like the sons, the father is a little off.

If you can stretch your imagination for the set up, the story is pretty interesting. There are two routes: Shion and Toma’s route and Ryo and Ryusei’s route. I’m going to use Ryo and Ryusei’s route as an example for how the affection scale works. Whenever there is a decision in-route, there are three options. For some questions your answer will raise Ryo’s affection by different amounts.  Other question it will increase either Ryo or Ryusei’s affection. There is also a chic level which is related to the boy’s yandere-ness. The linked routes are interesting and they work in a yandere game since the competition for the MC provides a trigger.

Each guy has a couple of different endings and they are just as satisfying as you would expect for this kind of game. This game has the two most important endings for a yandere game. There is an ending where the love interest gives in to his darker impulses and there is the ending when he overcomes himself.

If you’re like me and you just want your gosh-darn yandere fix, here you go 🙂

Favorite Guy: Ryusei Akesato

Favorite Route: Ryusei/Ryo

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