Star-Crossed Myth


Company: Voltage

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: What happens when you wish on a star? One night, a falling star lands on the MC’s balcony, transforming into six attractive men. The next morning the men are no where in sight and the MC is convinced it was a dream. But at an event on the roof of the palentarium, the men return for her. They are gods from the stars and have been branded with the mark of sin and banished to Earth for various reasons. The MC is the reincarnation of a goddess and is the only one who can remove the mark so they can return to the heavens.

MC: She really, really loves the stars and has “stars in her eyes” according to the gods. She is very enthusiastic about sharing her passion for the stars. She would like to help the gods absolve their sins, but doesn’t want the to interfere with her normal life. She is easily intimidated by the gods and frequently gets strung along by them. She is straightforward in her emotions and is quick to respond to the plight of others.


  • Dui: Ruler of the constellation Gemini and member of the Department of Punishments. Scorpio really depends on him.He is usually kind and compassionate, punishing humans in a manner that gives them hope to reform. He has a split personality, and the other half of him is cruel. He can forgive everyone except himself. He is telepathic
  • Huedhaut: Ruler of the constellation Aquarius and member of the Department of Wishes. He is calm and intellectual, but also has a snarky side (though he doesn’t mean bad by it). He is slow to anger but is fearsome when he is. He has a low opinion of love and fate. He recognizes who the MC was. He has prophetic powers.
  • Ichthys: Ruler of the constellation Pisces and member of the Department of Punishments. He is the “problem child” of his department. He is very mischievous (he’s Dui’s pranking partner) and fun-loving. Unlike the other gods, he is not immortal. He has healing powers.
  • Leon: Minister of the Department of Wishes and ruler of the constellation Leo.He is very power and is arrogant about it. He is very sarcastic and frequently blows off work. He has a low opinion of humans, viewing them as goldfish. He has the ability to invoke physical pleasure.
  • Scorpio: The Vie-Minister of the Department of Punishments and ruler of the constellation Scorpio. He is sadistic and cruel, but ends up being sort of tsundere. He hates humans and Earth. He used to be human and knew nothing but ugliness in his lifetime. He can read the negative thoughts of people when he touches them.
  • Teorus: Ruler of the constellation Taurus and member of the Department of Wishes. He is the flirtatious god and usually at the center of attention. He finds Earth interesting and is almost childlike in his curiosity. He has a bad sense of direction. His power is to freeze time.

Impressions: When the trailer for this game came out, it reminded me of 10 Days with My Devil. Now that it is out, it still reminds me 10DwMD, but to a lesser extent than I expected. Instead of death, Star-Crossed Myth centers on the theme of redemption.

It’s a good game. The mix of characters is nice, especially since not all of the Department of Wishes guys are nice and not all of the Department of Punishment guys are mean. There are two cute mascot-like characters which I feel is a thing since Koten was super popular in Enchanted in the Moonlight. That all the gods have different sins is interesting as well, and I look forward to seeing how the sins play out in the routes. This game also seems likely to have the largest cast of love interests since there are twelve zodiac constellations to be governed; all of them have sprite and although it remains to be seen if all of them will have routes, I’m hopeful. The character designs are interesting and much more flashy than most Voltage guys (which I like).

Favorite Guy: Dui

Favorite Route: Dui

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