Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart +

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Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: The MC is a magic user who one day receives an invitation to attend a premier wizarding school, Gedonelune Academy. After making her way with the guidance of her snarky acceptance letter, she learns that she has not actually been accepted and is only a provisional student and must still pass a test before really being accepted. She also learns about the buddy system, the rare cases when two students’ badges glow, tying their fortunes together. While learn magic and interacting with her buddy, the MC also uncovers a mystery regarding the Academy.

MC: She loves magic but hasn’t really thought about what it means to her. She is very talented in using magics when animals are involved, even having the rare ability to speak with animals, but when there are no animals her spells frequently go wrong. She is a little bit of an airhead, and is very naive and trusting, and often gets in trouble because of it. She always tries her hardest at everything she does.


  • Azusa Kuze: a princely exchange student from Hinomoto. Although he presents a kind and gentle face, there is something very dark lurking just beneath the surface.
  • Elias Goldstein: A smart but uptight boy in the MC’s class. Even though he is a good wizard he still stays after school to practice. He has a bit of a complex about his family. Even though he doesn’t like when people mention his family, he always tries to live up to their legacy. He has a fanclub (much to his disgust) and looks up to his brother.
  • Joel Crawford: A gifted spellsinger from a different class. He is a little mysterious, a lot blunt, and not very sociable although he is very popular. There is a rumor that he is waiting for his first love.
  • Klaus Goldstein: The strict school Prefect. He is known as the Emperor and scares the students more than most of the teachers. He is very talented and does his best to improve the magical abilities of the students. He loves his younger brother, Elias, but is maybe even more strict with him.
  • Leon: A mysterious boy who shows up on the school grounds. He has no memories of his past and doesn’t appear to have any emotions
  • Luca Orlem: A mischievous, clever guy from the MC’s class. He skips class more often than not and plays a lot of pranks, but Luca is also a talented wizard (Elias says that Luca is more talented than him). He laughs a lot but he seems to be hiding his real self.
  • Randy March: A mysterious and flighty boy. He is always inventing some weird spell or another, which is what he thinks of as fun. No one seems to know about him even though he is the sort of person who stands out.
  • Vincent Knight: A student who has come to study white magic and teaches classes on offensive magic in exchange. He is gentlemanly and friendly, but Luca says that he is suspicious
  • Yukiya Reizen: A quiet, distant boy. He is in the MC’s class and is usually alone except for his constant companion, a wolf. Most students avoid him because there is a rumor that he is cursed.

Impressions: A Harry Potter otoge. Okay, not really, but this game is definitely the result of a post-HP world. This game has a lot of good points: it’s different from the other otoge I’ve played, the art style is pretty, the CG are pretty, the route plots are entertaining. The guys aren’t really diverse personality-wise, but they are different enough.

I don’t like the MC. She has good qualities, but I don’t know why we have to watch her fail so spectacularly, so frequently. Sometimes she tries too hard to be liked by the guy. It’s nice that the ending are completely different but I always feel like the Happy Ending (the middle ending) is not worth it. And, of course, you cannot run the best scenarios and get all the CG without actually buying items in game.

All in all, for me, this game is just okay.

Favorite Guy: Klaus

Favorite Route: Randy and Azusa

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One thought on “Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart +

  1. Hi!

    I was just wondering, is there any way to view the classroom script &/or conversations in the Shall We Date:Wizardess Heart game?

    I was also wondering about the music. It’s a joke among FAOPRODUCTIONS)my cosplay group(that if I were to have a theme, it would be 1 of the tunes from the game. I was hoping to know if there were multiple ways to listen to the music.

    THANKS SO MUCH For making this!


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