Shall We Date: Ninja Love

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Company: Solmare

Cost: Paid (there is a free version)

Synopsis: The MC has been living a quiet life in a temple when one day the temple is visited by five handsome strangers. They are ninja and the have come for her. She is the descendant of a famous ninja bloodline and a ninja princess. They need her presence to unite the ninja clans and prevent the extermination of the ninja at the hands of the infamous Nobunaga Oda.

MC: She has grown up in a temple, completely unaware of her bloodline and position. She is an ordinary girl and doesn’t have any real abilities beyond her inherited immunity to poison and otoge ability to make all the guys fall for her. Most of the guys treat her as a child or comment on how she is less attractive than they expected for a ninja princess, but she also always attracts Nobunaga’s lecherous intent to so interpret that how you will. She does have determination to help out and learn some ninja skills, and she is also shown to be somewhat willful.


  • Goemon Ishikawa: An outstanding ninja and a former thief. He is laid back but takes his job seriously. He is a lady-killer and his home village is Iga.
  • Hattori Hanzo: The leader of Iga who is so legendary that even other clans acknowledge him and follow his advice. Even though he is a capable ninja, he can be a bit dense when it comes to love and relationships.
  • Kotaro Fuma: A quiet Fuma ninja with a talent for guns. Even though he is gentle, he is very introverted and it is hard to get close to him.
  • Munenori Yagyu: The leader of the Yagyu family (not a ninja) he is a brilliant tactician and swordsman. He always follows the logical path and is good at hiding his emotions. His family is basically a Yakuza family.
  • Musashi Miyamoto: A pure-hearted ronin (not a ninja). He is famous for using two swords and his only purpose seems to be to find a strong opponent. When he isn’t fighting he is very nice.
  • Rennoshin: A kind and talented doctor (not a ninja) He has studied many type of medicine and techniques and is highly skilled. He has a strong desire to save as many lives as he can. He is sort of narcoleptic and once he falls asleep it is supremely difficult to wake him up.
  • Saizo Kirigakure: An Koga ninja who specializes in infiltration, disguises, and gathering intelligence. Although he is generally well liked and takes care of his subordinates, he is also cold and sadistic.
  • Sasuke Sarutobi: Although he is big, he is also the most childish of the ninja. He is cheerful and reckless, but is also one of the best Koga ninja, being especially agile in the forest.

Impressions: This was the first otoge that I played and I still feel that it was a good place to start. All the characters are distinct, both visually and by their personalities. In fact I feel like this game give a spread of most of the personality types common in otoge. There is a historical bases but again there is not enough to burden the player. It is a little harsher and more gritty than many mobile otoge (looking at Voltage), but it is not overly dark. All the routes are a little different since your choice of routes makes a major change in the beginning; the non-ninja guys have even more different routes. Since Hanzo’s route came out later it’s sad that his route is shorter, especially since it felt like a lot of things were drawing the player’s attention to him.

One other reason that this is a nice game to start out with is that there is a visual signal when you select the correct answer. After you play a couple of otoge you begin to get a sense of whether you have chosen the best answer, but knowing for sure while playing your first game is really nice.

Favorite Guy: Munemori Yagyu and Hattori Hanzo

Favorite Route: Musashi Miyamoto

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