Shall We Date: Ninja Assassin +


Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: The MC is living a normal life with her parent until one late night when there a knock on the door of her family home. Her parents hide her but then the MC overhears her parents being murdered on the orders of a man named Tori. After the killer have gone, the MC flees into the night and witness an assassination in an alleyway. This reminds her of a rumor about vigilantes who will get justice for anyone with the money to pay. She goes to a shrine to make her request and is abducted just as she finished.

The MC is taken to a room with several men. The killing she had witness earlier was an assassination carried out by the vigilantes, who are all ninja except for their leader. Since she witnessed them in action, she must join the vigilantes herself and choose one of them to keep an eye on her. Furthermore, her request for vengeance is accepted and she will have the chance to obtain justice for her parents with her own hands.

MC: She has lived a sheltered and uneventful life. Since she lived in the North Ward where most entertainment is banned, she has spent most of her time around the house doing chores. She has a strong sense of justice, and the death of her parents caused her to see that justice is not always carried out through official means. She is determined and kind, but (unlike most other otoge heroines) she does not always forgive and forget. She wants vengeance for her parents, and in turn wants to be able to help other obtain their own revenge. She is determined to get revenge with her own hands and even has a little training to help her achieve her goal.


  • Aoi: A hairdresser. He is a little rough, with a sharp tongue, but can be kind too (and sometimes flirty). He works hard at his other job, and has close ties with the red light district since prostitutes frequently request his service. His hairdressing job is both a day and night job so he sleeps when he can (he get terrible bedhead). He is clever with his hands. He and Soji came from the same village.
  • Hotaka: A kabuki actor. He’s very effeminate, usually wearing women’s clothes, and just likes pretty girls. Even though he acts frivolously he takes his dancing seriously. He is really handsy and usually hugs the MC whenever he can. He is grew up with Sion and lives at Iseya.
  • Ichika: The MC’s childhood friend who is a detective. He is straightforward, cheerful, energetic, and rash. He always tries to see justice done as a detective. He has always been in love with the MC and is very protective of her. He is not a ninja.
  • Kinshiro: Magistrate of the South Ward, creator and leader of the vigilantes (he also runs Kyokatei on the side). He always wants the the happiness of the people. He has a very good sense of what people are thinking, but rarely shows his deeper emotions. He was the one who first suggests that the MC join the vigilantes. He is not a ninja.
  • Natsume: A bookshop owner and writer. He is sulky and tsundere. He claims to hate women but is actually just very shy and has many moments of kindness. His shyness frequently makes him a target for teasing by the other guys. He is very passionate about his writing and is a capable ninja although he isn’t the best.
  • Sion: Heir to the rich merchant house, Iseya. His family, in addition to running a famous store, also have a long tradition of being information brokers. He acts frivolous and laid-back. Even though he is always smiling (even when carrying out an assassination) but is also deeply tormented by the death of his brother.
  • Soji: A constable. He is cool, calm, and doesn’t show much emotion. He is also kind and a little shy. When he isn’t doing vigilante work, he is doing constable work. He is always trying to achieve justice. He and Aoi are from the same village and he lives at Kyokatei.
  • Wakasa: A doctor. He is highly trusted by the townspeople and is always learning new medical techniques. He is very kind and friendly but also a little dense at times. He is especially interested in poisons. He seems to be more enamored with killing than obtaining justice. He is Kinshiro’s long time friend.
  • Willem: A Dutch Merchant who is attempting to establish trade connections in Japan. He is gentlemanly and suave, but is concealing his darker connections.

Impressions: I’m just going to say upfront, this is probably my favorite Solmare game. I find almost all of the character to be very compelling. I like the different routes while all have their own unique spin. Sub stories are plentiful and entertaining. I really like how the MC is determined to walk the path of revenge (I’ve mentioned it several times so I’m sure you know). In some endings she is asked to quit the vigilantes and she rejects the opportunity. Solmare introduced a new feature recently that allows you to replay a route as much as you want if you clear all three endings. I was on cloud 9 all day when they announced this.

There is no sound to this game which is typical of Solmare. I like the art but it’s nowhere near my favorite. Probably the worst aspect of this game are the CG. Some of them are good or okay, but too many of them are awful (although at least the CG are plentiful in this game).

This game is less lighthearted and a little dark (thematically). If you are into that then I highly recommend this game.

Favorite Guy: Sion

Favorite Route: Maybe Wakasa?

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