Shall We Date: Niflheim +

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Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: A thousand years after her death the MC is awakened in Niflheim. This land of the dead is filled with the lively dead, magic, and amazing yet odd sights. Three men have awakened the MC, a legendarily beautiful princess, to marry Niflheim’s creator and king. Even though the MC strangely doesn’t remember her life, she is eager “live” in this interesting new land.

MC: She has been dead for a thousand years and doesn’t remember anything about her life now that she has awakened. She is lively, cheerful, and curious. She is also a legendary beautiful (which I feel like is rare in otoge since they usually go for the pretty not gorgeous girls) and quickly becomes known as the Sun of Niflheim. She is so into “living” that she seems to forget that she was awakened to be the king’s fiance


  • Jean: The lively and flighty king of Niflheim and the MC’s fiance. He wants to be loved (especially by women) and to love. He cares about all the inhabitants of his land. He was the creator of Niflheim and has some control over the land.
  • J.J.: An zombie scientist. J.J. is very serious, if someone tells him a joke he usually takes what they say at face value. He is an intellectual and is very curious. He is always inventing things.
  • Leo: The King of the neighboring kingdom of Mupslheim. He is a brash, hotheaded warrior and is Jean’s friend and rival
  • Orlando: The arrogant and strict earl. He is the right-hand man to the king and is the one t keep Jean on track. Niflheim basically couldn’t run without him. He is famously handsome but because of an event in prior to his death, he cannot love anyone.
  • Pale Ghost: A ghost that can only be seen by the MC. Nick is very kind but not being visible has given him a complex. His hobby is observing the inhabitants of Niflheim and trying to find someone who can see him. He tends to see things in a negative light (especially when it comes to himself).
  • Philippe: Niflheim’s most famous poet and author. He cheerful and friendly. He has a secret regarding his life prior to Niflheim. His closest friend is Skeletiano.
  • Skeletiano: An intellectual skeleton. He is a romantic and a big fan of Philippe’s writing. He has a big opinion of himself (usually to humorous affect.
  • Victor: Niflheim’s (usually) gentle doctor.He is lonely, wants a family and is looking for a bride. He was made from the body parts of different humans and has many different personalities. Sunny, the castle’s maid, has a crush on him.

Impressions: Even though this story is set in a land of the dead, it is a very lightheaded romp. As with most new Solmare free to play games, you need to pay actual money to get items to see all the scenes and get all the CG. There are also two good endings in this game, a Romantic Ending and a Mystical Ending. One nice thing about this system as opposed to Solmare’s older Happy and Sweet Endings is that the endings are completely different. Solmare also managed to keep their colorful pallet but make it a lot darker to match the atmosphere of the story.

The way that the MC is dealt with in this game is also interesting, and for more than the pretty/gorgeous thing I mentioned earlier. In most otoge the MC’s appearance is purposely left vague. Usually she isn’t pictured and if she is her face is left blank (which is ridiculous but then again I don’t read with self-insertion). In this game the MC has a character sprite but they keep her vague in a different way. In Shall We Date: Niflheim, all of the MC’s skin is blacked out, even in the CGs. It really is a super interesting choice. I was startled by it at first but I became accommodated to it. I couldn’t really tell you whether I approve or not. But it is certainly less ridiculous than some of the CG you get in other games where the area where the MC’s eyes should be is just solid flesh tone.

Favorite Guys: Pale Ghost/Nick

Favorite Routes: Leo

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