Shall We Date: Never Look Back

never look back

Company: Solmare

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: The MC is the ninja guard of a princess. When an intruder appears in the castle one night, the MC is unable to go anything to do anything to prevent the princess’s abduction. The MC is determined to bright the princess home and is sent off with three companions to do so.

MC: She is a capable ninja employed by an aristocratic family. She is very close to the princess that she is charged to protect, almost to the point of seeing her as a sister. Since she was raised to be a ninja she never really had time for girly things, and she almost always puts her duties above all else, even her life. She views her inability to prevent the princess’s abduction as one of her greatest failings. Because of her upbringing she can be pretty stiff and formal.


  • Isuka: A mysterious man from a distant tribe. He also volunteered to go on the rescue mission, although his reasons for doing so are unclear. He is also a strong swordsman.
  • Kokonoe: A respected omnyoji from the court. He is gentle and dignified. He is an advisory of the Emperor and was charged by him to bring the princess back.
  • Yori: An arrogant swordsman. He is confident in his fighting ability above all else. He is the loudest and most brash of the group. He volunteered to bring back the princess in order to get the promised reward, the princess’s hand in marriage.

Impressions: I also love the visuals of this game, although to me Yori looks out of place. The story was interesting, and the love interests (as few as there are) are all vastly different from each other.

It combined a couple of things that Solmare seems to favor: the MC is a ninja, the character designs are colorful, the characters are on a quest, and there is a princess. This game also introduced a couple things that Solmare would bring back: the MC being the princess’s guard and the underworld as a setting. If you like any of the free to play Solmare games that I listed in the section below, this game is one you may want to consider.

Favorite Guy: Kokonoe

Favorite Route: Kokonoe

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