Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince +


Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: The MC is visiting a foreign country. She finds a bracelet which happens to belong to the royal family. As the possessor of the bracelet she must choose one of the country’s many princes to be the next king.

MC: She’s traveling for leisure and wants to go sightseeing. Even though she wishes she could just hand over the bracelet and be ride of it, she is aware of how important the duty she bears as the bracelet holder and doesn’t intend to shirk her responsibility. She is uncomfortable staying in the the luxury of the palace and really wants to find out more about the princes before choosing one to be king..


  • Alvah: A cheerful and friendly prince. He doesn’t really act according to his age or position. He is well liked by the public but doesn’t seem to do much in the way of affairs of the state. He keeps a smile on his face even though he feels great sadness.
  • Chezem: A quiet, studious prince who spends a lot of time in his room. The king says that Chezem inherited his mother’s exotic sexiness. He doesn’t like people having seen the greedy side of them too much. When he likes something, he gives it his utmost attention.
  • Ivan: The butler of the royal family. A strict but distinguished gentleman that all the castle servants look to for leadership.
  • Jun: A calm, collected, and cunning prince. He can be very mean and has a good deal of political savvy. Not only is he intelligent, he is also a great fighter.
  • Lambert: A super aristocratic prince. He seems to be the perfect prince, but is also somewhat cold. He is harsh towards commoners.
  • Nagit: The youngest of the princes who is like an idol among his brothers. He is young, sweet, and innocent. He tries to act tough and older than he is. His mother was Japanese and he is fascinated with Japanese culture.
  • Melchiorre: The eldest prince who is kind but a playboy. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, but prefers to make other view him as a carefree and lazy guy. Many people consider him to be the heir to the throne but he claims that he has no interest in being king.

Impressions: I love the way this game looks. Everything is so pretty, I adore the character designs, and sparkly and I the CG are gorgeous. This is also a good game for beginners; Since the mechanics are simple, it is free, and also the route lengths feel fairly short compared to other free to play games. The guys have very different personalities and each of the routes have a different enough angle. Even though there is some political intrigue, this game feels lighter than the Be My Princess games. It is a little weird that the King occasionally hits on the MC and tries to convince her to join his harem, but I know that there are some people who wish the King had a route.

Favorite Guy: 

Favorite Route: 

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