Shall We Date: My Fairy Tales +

fairy tales

Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: The MC is a young witch who learning the craft from her talented grandmother. One day while her grandmother is out, the MC finds a room with many doors in her grandmother’s home. When she looks through the keyholes and sees a different landscape beyond each door. She opens one door only to find herself trapped on the other side. Her grandmother’s grimoire informs that that this is her final test to be a witch. If she wants the door to her world to appear again, the MC must make someone in this world truly happy.

MC: She is going her best as a witch, but cannot manage high level magic yet. She wants the best for those around her. She gets easily dragged into situations, and she is easy to push around at times.


  • Cindo: A sadistic Cinderella. Cindo has had enough of living with his family who try to make him their servants. He wants to find a way to climb the social ladder.
  • Gretel: The caring, responsible younger brother of Hansel. He comes from a family of artists and sees himself as untalented even though he is really great with his hands.
  • Ocean: The naive and free spirited merman. He is curious about life on land and especially of flowers. His brothers are fiercely protective of him.
  • Seanwhite: The cheerful and slightly clueless Snow White. He has been living in the forest with the dwarves since he ran away from the castle and claims to have no desire to return. He is much loved by everyone and is also unintentionally a playboy.
  • Thumbelina: The mouthy small man. He has a sharp tongue and does anything he wants. He gives off a pheromone that makes anyone that smells it obey him. He has been kidnapped so much that he is used to the event. He is curious to know what it is like to be normal sized.

Impressions: Traditionally female fairy tale characters are now male and the MC is the witch who must make their wishes come true. It’s a pretty interesting concept and is carried out pretty well in this game. The grandmother’s grimoire is a great, snarky character, and it is fun to see what role the side characters will have in each universe. The story of each route is good. Some people really love the art style, but it is not my favorite. I do think that the design of the MC is very different from Solmare’s other MCs.

This game also has the troublesome mechanic of needing to pay for an item in order to get the sweet ending, which is unfortunate. Instead of doing that it would be better to just buy whichever route you wanted in the paid version so you could at least replay the route whenever you wanted.

Favorite Guy: Gretel

Favorite Route: Ocean

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One thought on “Shall We Date: My Fairy Tales +

  1. I just started this game, so I googled and I’m happy to know you did a post about it. I’ll be sure to steer clear from the other dudes and only do Gretel and Ocean, thank you! ( ˘ ³˘)❤


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