Shall We Date: Mononoke Kiss +


Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: The MC is a highborn lady in feudal Japan. One day her castle is attacked by mononoke, and her father is killed while ensuring her escape. Shortly afterwards, the MC meets five mononoke who claim that they’ve come to protect her as they promised her mother, who died when the MC was born.

MC: A sheltered princess. She never knew hardship until her home was taken over and her father killed by demons. She is maybe a little spoiled and a bit proper. She hasn’t ever left the castle and wasn’t really allowed to learn any skills that would have helped her out after the attack., but is also stubborn and determined.


  • Enojo: An arrogant kitsune. He is confident in his seduction abilities and sees the MC as more of a girl than a woman.
  • Hajime: A quirky, one-eyed dragon. He sort of does whatever he wants and he is hard to understand.
  • Hikobane: A quiet, dutiful tengu. He immediately begins acting as the MC’s guard and protector. He is serious at first but begins to tease her as time goes on.
  • Raizo: A powerful humanoid beast who is a mixture of tiger, snake, and monkey. He is the strongest among the mononoke that came to rescue the MC. He is a little childish but also passionate and pure.
  • Ryuzaburo: A water dragon and the leader of the mononoke that came to rescue the MC. He knew her mother before she married the MC’s father. He is kind and responsible. He is always conscious of the MC is doing and generally treats her like a child.

Impressions: I feel like this game is sort of the darling of the free to play, Solmare world. At least it seems very popular from what I’ve heard. And I do agree that it is a good game. It has a good mix of love interests and I like the designs (this game is gorgeously colorful). The MC is distinctive and the plot is interesting. Since the MC’s father is dead and she is just learning about the mother she never knew so there are a lot of good emotional moments.

This is a really great game to pick up if you are into mobile and free to play.

Favorite Guy: Hikobane

Favorite Route: Hikobane

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