Shall We Date: Magic Sword +

magic sword

Company: Solmare (2014)

Cost: Free

Updates: No

Synopsis: The MC is a princess who’s country possess the legendary sword, Excalibur. One day the castle is attacked by a neighboring monarch, King Arthur, and his wizard, Merlin. They steal Excalibur and leave the castle in shambles. The MC is determined to recover Excalibur. The queen, seeing her daughter’s determination, assembles three companions to accompany the MC in her quest.

MC: A princess who is aware of her position. She feels very strongly about what she feels her duties are (such as returning Excalibur to her kingdom). She is a little bit of a tomboy and practices sword fighting. She is maybe a little too confident in her battle prowess. She has never left the castle so she is a little ignorant of what goes on outside of it. Like several other Solmare heroines, she has pink hair.


  • Estel: An elf. He is elegant and refined. He is kind to the MC but seems to slightly look down on other humans. He is very in tune with nature. He argues a lot with Roy. He met the MC before when she was a child.
  • Ethan: The best swordsman in the MC’s kingdom. He is sort of the leader of the little band. He is nice but believes that women shouldn’t fight (he’s sort of misogynistic).
  • Roy: A sorcerer. He is arrogant and a little brash. He’s the sort to fire off a spell first and ask questions later. He tends to do whatever he wants and frequently argues with Estel. He has met the MC before and is waiting for her to remember a promise she made to him.

Impressions: There aren’t many western themed historical otoge; so this is a nice one since the mythology is familiar to most native English speakers. The art style is different from Somlare’s other games, although Solmare’s art has a lot more variation in art style than Voltage regardless. The CG are very pretty, but in a more quiet way compared to Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince +.

There is something that I always think about when I remember this game and that is Merlin. When Merlin first appeared on screen I could not take it. It is almost worth downloading this game just to see Merlin. Fortunately, it is also a decent game that should keep you entertained when the novelty of Merlin wears off.

Favorite Guys: Estel

Favorite Route: Roy

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