Shall We Date: Lost Island

lost island

Company:  Solmare (2014)

Cost: Paid (Shall We Date: Lost Island + is the free version of this game)

Updates: No?

Synopsis: The MC is a scientist and has recently been hired to work in a facility on a remote island. The relationship between the scientists and the native islanders is rocky at first and, just when they start getting along, islanders begin dying from a mysterious illness. But the dead are not staying down and zombies soon begin taking over the island.

MC: A talented scientist, she is not only well trusted in the lab but has also been instrumental in improving the relationship between the facility and the islanders. She has lived a peaceful life, never having witness much violence until the events on the island. She isn’t naive about men but is inexperienced.


  • Ichiro Sasaki: The easy-going leader of the scientists. He is a great leader who is always thinking of helping those under him. He frequently holds events to help his subordinates to relax. He likes sweets.
  • Lionel Sato: The quiet guard. He doesn’t initiate interaction but he is actually very kind. He was formerly a soldier and is used to violence, easily doing what needs to be done to ensure the safety of the survivors after the outbreak. He is not used to dealing with women and is a good cook.
  • Ren Nishimura: A genius scientist who is also a sadist. He is a well known scientist and the MC even knew about him prior to becoming coworkers.
  • Ryo Tsuzuki: The competent head guard. He is protective and has a keen sense of justice. He is confident in himself and in his abilities.

Impressions: This is the only horror otoge that I know of so I got a route as soon as it came out. It’s really not my cup of tea but I don’t dislike it. This game uses lots of standard zombie apocalypse story elements, so if you think about zombie stories you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this story. It’s a nice, thrilling story that shouldn’t be read before bedtime.

Favorite Guy: Lionel Sato

Favorite Route: Lionel Sato

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