Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja

destiny ninja

Company: Solmare (2014)

Cost: Free

Updates: No?

Synopsis: The MC awakes in the middle of an active battlefield. Just before she is cut down she is rescued and brought to the camp of one of the commanders, Yoshitsune of Minamoto. Yoshitsune is in the company of his trusted ninja companions. Many of them regard the MC with suspicion, especially as she has no memories prior to waking up. Eventually it is decided that the MC will remain with Yoshitsune’s household until she recovers her memories and can be returned how.

MC: She has amnesia but does remember some things, like who Yoshitsune is and about the conflict she now finds herself in. What she does remember about the current political situation indicates that she is a lady of some rank and also that she has not had a traditional upbringing. She is good at housework and likes to be of help when she can. She has keen insights at moments. She is a charming girl and while she is pretty she is not super gorgeous.


  • Benki Musashibo: Yoshitsune’s first and most loyal follower. He is manly, rough, and quick to act. He is also a war monk and doesn’t really know how to deal with women.
  • Enya: The arrogant and proud son of the Fire Village chieftain. He is really full of himself but also works hard at his ninja training. He is popular with woman and flaunts it naturally.
  • Goyo: A mysterious and flirtatious man from China. He only came into Yoshitsune’s service recently and started ninja training at that point. He will eventually have to return home but is having fun and learning while in Japan.
  • Hatori Hanzo Kazemasa: The cold son of the Wind Village chieftain. He puts the well being of his village and Yoshitsune above everything else. He always things things through logically and is a highly respected ninja. He can be shy and awkward at times.
  • Hyosuke: A cheerful and energetic ninja from the Water Village who is liked by everyone. Even though he seems lighthearted, darkness lurks just beneath his facade. He can be the most brutal of the ninja because his hatred of the Taira clan is unmatched.
  • Hyuga: A two face ninja from the Fire Village. He is kind and obedient when his master is around but sarcastic and sadistic when unsupervised. He is burdened by a secret that he cannot share.
  • Mizuki: A stone faced Water Village ninja. He is quiet and excels at suppressing his feelings. Once you get to know him he is gentle and very pure of heart. He can frequently be found caring for the horses in the stables.
  • Noritsune Taira: The miliaty genius of the Taira Clan (Yoshitsune’s enemies). He is an excellent swordsman who is determined to see serve his clan. He is honorable and disciplined, but seems sad at moments. He seems to recognize the MC.
  • Sohma: A gentle and big brotherly Wind Village ninja. Even though he is nice, he also likes to tease the MC. He lost his right hand and his memory as a child. He mostly grew up with Yoshitsune and sees him as an older brother.
  • Yoshitsune of Minamoto: A leader of the Genji Clan which engaged in battle with the Taira Clan. He is kind and warm to everyone, making him highly respected and adored by everyone. He is always calm and never shows any weakness. He grew up separate from his brother, the head of his clan, but is fully devoted to him. He is a legendary swordsman and is a genius with tactics.

Impressions: This is a pretty good game for someone just getting into otoge; it is free, the mechanics are easy, there are lots of endings, and there are a lot of different guys to choose from. There is a bit of history so if you’re curious you can check that out, but the history doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the story. The range of characters is sort of amazing since they’re not only fleshed out but very distinctive (so amazingly distinctive for there being so many guys). There is also the wonderful mechanic of being able to use story save tickets so you can reread chapters without using story tickets.

Favorite Guy: Sohma

Favorite Route: Mizuki or Kazemasa

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