Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond – The Path of Exile

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Company: Solmare, Idea Factory, & Otomate

Cost: Paid

Updates: I think not, but it’s really too soon to tell

Synopsis: The Sengoku Jidai: after the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi the land threatens to fall into war and chaos once more. In this war torn land also live the demons, who have done their best to have as little to do with humans and their conflicts as possible. One day the leader of the demons, the prophetic Princess Yase summons the chieftains of the Ten-Demon Alliance to a meeting. This is the MC’s first chance to meet her fellow chieftains. She is the youngest of the chieftains and her clan’s duty is to protect Princess Yase.

Once everyone is gathered, Princess Yase delivers a surprising warning: those who have forbidden ties to humans should cut them off. Shortly after delivering this message, Princess Yase is attacked and left in a coma. Now the MC must find a way to awaken the Princess, capture her attackers, and find a way to prevent the humans from becoming fatally entangled in human affairs.

MC: The MC is a chieftain of the Ten-Demon Alliance so she is powerful, but she is also the youngest of them so she isn’t OP. She has been raised by three elders of the Ten-Demon Alliance so it seems like she doesn’t have any family or clan really. She has a somewhat awkward relation with Princess Yase, seeing her both as something like a bug sister, but also being hyper aware that she is Princess Yase’s servant. Even though she is very determined, she sometimes looses sight of what her goal is. She has inherited a great but terrible power.


  • Chitose: Called the Demon Chieftain of the Nine Provinces of the Western Seas. He is generally easygoing but can be overconfident. He is well liked by other demons.
  • Kazutake: Called the Wayfarer. He is the eldest of the younger chieftains and will probably take over for the elders when they pass on. He acts as a big brother to the others frequently ending their fights and keeping them in line. The best swordsman of the group.
  • Kazuya: Called the Demon Chiefain of the Six Districts of Mutsu. He is very aloof but everyone trusts him.
  • Sekimaru: The head of one of clans that was banished from the Ten-Demon Alliance several centuries ago. He is always looking on the negative side of things and is quick to think ill of others before they can do the same to himself.
  • Shin: Called the Living God of the Western Provinces. His clan was worshiped by humans and he looks down on them as greedy beings who only desire something of him. He has a sharp tongue but doles out his harsh words with a smile. He frequently picks on Chitose. It is hard to tell when he is being serious.

Impressions: A gorgeous, gorgeous Otomate game that I’m so glad that Solmare brought over as a Paid game instead of as a free to play (controversial, I know). I tried playing Shall We Date: Scarlet Fate + when it came out but I just couldn’t do it; I think it had something to do with how the routes weren’t clearly delineated in the beginning and a lot to do with how long the game is compared to other free to play games.

Moving on. This game is set in the Sengoku Jidai and while I love the Warring States Era, there is just a bit too much history in this game for my tastes. Normally I don’t mind history in games, but this time I really wasn’t into it. Maybe it was because the demons felt like they should have been marginal to the conflict, or maybe it was because i was also playing Samurai Warriors 3 at the same time. Regardless I could’ve done with less human stuff and more demon stuff. The history may feel less tedious to someone less familiar with the history.

I really do like this game, I just need to build up the energy to wade through the history to get to the story.

Favorite Guy: 

Favorite Route: 

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One thought on “Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond – The Path of Exile

  1. When u get into the stories, I hope u put down ur favorite guy & route soon, I’m trying to decide which route to get, but can only get one, thanks.


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