Shall We Date: Blood in Roses +

2015-07-26 22.13.14

Company: Solmare (2015)

Cost: Free

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is a witch who is well liked in her town. One night she wanders into the woods and comes across a castle. The castle is the Hotel Libra Sincera, a hotel between the human and supernatural worlds. Inside the castle, two vampire brothers drink the MC’s blood. To them she is the descendant of the witch Tatiana, the lover of the grandfather of all vampires, Harold. Surprisingly the MC doesn’t awaken under their control, but a helpful cat tells her to pretend that she is. He informs her that if she doesn’t drink the dew of the roses within ten days, she will turn into a vampire herself.

MC: The MC is a witch, not that she really gets to use her powers. She has proven resistant to the vampires’ mind control. She initially desires to return home and remain human, but she falls to the charms of her partner very quickly (Stockholm Syndrome?). It is nice that she is willing to stick up for herself even though it ruins her cover. The vampires obviously overpower her, but she isn’t afraid to speak her mind to them.


  • Alfred: The bossy, aggressive younger of the vampire brothers. He loved Harold and wishes to become his heir and protect Rosapast.
  • Daniel: A mysterious guest who has been staying at the hotel for a long time. He is kind but distant and seems to be close friends with Jack.
  • Dominik: The MC’s childhood friend who is Humphrey’s apprentice and is a former soldier. He’s always been in love with the MC and he hates vampires.
  • Humphrey: A charming and skilled wizard who is a guest at the hotel. He is close to Raymond and was friends with Harold and Tatiana.
  • Jack: The energetic chef of the hotel. He is exuberant and always cooking up something. He is mischievious and is extremely interested in the MC.
  • Raymond: The strict and cool hotel manager. He runs the hotel with a firm hand and an eye for detail. He is the belonging of Harold and, like the MC, was once human.
  • Rupert: The calm, kind elder of the vampire brothers. He was raised to be Harold’s heir but resents his restricted lifestyle. His greatest desire is to see the world beyond the hotel.

Impressions: I’m kind of meh about this game so far, but we’ll see how it goes since more guys are being released. It has the annoying mechanic that doesn’t allow you to get all the CGs and access certain parts of the routes unless you pay for it, but what you can access without paying is okay enough. The brothers edge towards abusive and this game is clearly from the Diabolik Lovers school of thought so it might get rough if you just want a sweet romance (not that you should be looking to Solmare in the first place if that’s what you want).

Favorite Guy: Jack

Favorite Route: Jack

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