Shall We Date: Angel or Devil +


Company: Solmare (2013)

Cost: Free

Updates: No?

Synopsis: The MC learns that she only has seven days to live, and that angels, devils, and reapers all want her “pure” soul. She will spend her last days with one of these supernatural beings while trying to finish a painting similar to the one her brother painted just before his death.

MC: She handles her impending death very well. She is alone in the world since her brother, her only family, died several years earlier. Before she dies all she wants to do is create a painting. She is stubborn but in a practical way.


  • Diaval: A seductive devil. He’s a flirt who is handsy with the MC, but he does take good care of those beneath him. He can be aggressive and has a low opinion of humanity.
  • Feyril: A kind, gentle angel. He is Latis’s superior. He always wants what is best for the MC and for humanity as a whole.
  • Latis: A working angel. He is kind but also highly disciplined. There is a big contrast between his working and off-duty personas. He hates being down in the human world, viewing it as dirty.
  • Raug: A devil climbing hell’s corporate ladder. He is Diaval’s superior. He does whatever work requires him to do, and he doesn’t care what the consequences are so long as he can achieve his ends.
  • Reiner: A sunny reaper. He is Ruvel’s superior. He is always cheerful and seems to be goofing off, but there is something lurking just beneath his happy exterior. He is probably the most dangerous/powerful of all the guys.
  • Ruvel: An emotionless reaper. No body seems to know what he is thinking and he frequently does as he pleases. He is a collector of souls, keeping the best ones for himself and putting little effort in obtaining ones he doesn’t care about, both of which conflict with this job.

Impressions: It’s been a while since I played this so excuse my vagueness. This is the free to play version of Shall We Date: Angel or Devil, and I think free to play is how I like this game. Although I left the game feeling satisfied, I don’t feel the compulsion to replay the routes (beyond playing them a second time to get the happy and sweet endings) like I do with other games. It is nice to know that if you are particularly attached to one of the boys, you can go purchase his route on the paid version.

This game gets points for making the happy and sweet endings very different, but that is just something that Solmare is able to do (they did it in Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart too).

Favorite Guy: Diaval

Favorite Route: Reiner

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