Serendipity Next Door


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: No

Synopsis: The MC is a working girl living in her own apartment. She doesn’t really interact with her neighbors much (excluding the newlyweds upstairs and the building manager). That is until one day when she runs into them all and is formally introduced to the five talented bachelors living in her building.

MC: This MC loves food and I can’t help but smile whenever she cooks or thinks about food. She is having a hard time at work since she is transferring away from the food department. Sometimes she needs a boost but she is pretty determined to succeed at work. She can is a little sloppy about things (her appearance and the way she cooks being the prime examples).


  • Izumi Takasaki: A tsundere college student who is studying to be a vet. He works at a pet store and has other part time jobs as well. He is rather innocent and doesn’t know how to deal with girls. He is a huge fan of OMI and frequently argues with Jinpachi.
  • Jinpachi Yushima: The gruff, older photographer. He can be rude and is a bit of an alpha male type. He is in good shape and likes to tease Izumi.
  • Keiichi “Byron” Tokiwa: The effeminate stylist. He can be friendly but also petty. He critics the MC’s style but also helps her out when she needs it. He is Shhinobu’s friend and also an OMI fan. The MC wonders at times if he is gay or straight.
  • Masaomi (OMI) Hibiya: The cool, expressionless musician who just moved in. He comes from a family of musicians and is currently taking a break from showbiz. He has no sense of direction and frequently looses his way.
  • Shinobu Narita: The kind and sometimes stern building manager. He likes to hold moonlight rooftop parties. In private he is actually quiet the sadist. He is very mysterious and only Keiichi seems to know much about him.

Impressions: This game is interesting since the concept is very loose. Unlike in other routes the only unifying concept in this game is that they all live in the same building. I like the MC’s family and the way she shows off food, but the only reason you would really pick up this game is if one of the guys stand out to you. And I hope that someone does stand out to you because there are some really cute stories in this game.

Favorite Guy: Jinpachi Yushima

Favorite Route: Izumi Takasaki

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