Scandal in the Spotlight


Company: Voltage (2015)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is an amateur screenwriter who frequently works on her scripts in her favorite cafes. After misplacing her current script, one of the cafe waiters gives the MC VIP tickets to a concert for Revance, the country’s top boy pop idol group. At the concert after party, the MC is hit on by her boss and ends up humiliating him, causing him to vow you will never get screenwriter work again. Even later she is summoned to the penthouse where the members of Revance are waiting for her. The cafe waiter is actually the sixth member of the group, their lyricist, and before going missing he left a note marking you as his stand in. Now, if the MC ever wants to fulfill her dream of being a screenwriter she must first live with the group as Revance’s ghostwriter.

MC: This MC is kind of great. She, like many of Votlage’s best leading ladies, passionately pursues her dreams. Although she can be intimidated, she is sassy after she gets over it. She frequently spaces out and daydreams, often to hilarious effect. She is not confident in her song writing, which makes sense since she is a screenwriter not a lyricist, but when she gets the hang of it she is great.


  • Iori Enjo: The intellectual prince of the band. Although his public facade is kind, in private he is a sadistic, evil prince. His father is the president of a successful marketing firm. Iori is extremely distrustful of women and accuses the MC of sleeping her way up the ladder.
  • Kota Igarashi: The surly, introverted actor. In public he often makes softly snarky responses. He likes to be left alone in his room to play videogames, and is a talented actor.
  • Kyohei Rikudoh: The charismatic producer. He, Takashi, and Ryo created Revance. He is driven, arrogant, and powerful. He is considered one of the sexiest men alive.
  • Nagito Aoshima: The cheerful life of the party. He is also a model and fashion designer and has his own label. He can act like a child at times and is frequently the target of the other’s ribbing. He is a flirt and tries to be a playboy although he is even more popular among guys than girls.
  • Ryo Chibana: The mysterious six man lyricist who got the MC into the mess she now finds herself in. He has never appeared on stage or in public. He was one of the founding members of Revance and shares a deep connection with Takashi. He is kind and gentle. He left the group because he became unable to write anything good and is tormented by this inability.
  • Takashi Ningawa: The leader of Revance and a talented composer. He is very serious about his music and about Revance. He enters “monster mode” where he really runs everyone through their paces and becomes very critical. While he is working he locks himself away, forgetting to sleep and eat. He constantly hears music in his head.

Impressions: I love this game. I like the general plot which feels reminiscent of the manga Sensual Phrase. Each story has a moment near the end which makes me teary eyed (freaking Kyohei had me crying). I like the MC; who is great and her daydreams are super entertaining. I like the guys even though they are all pretty mean (only Nagito and Ryo are consistently nice to the MC). All the guys have their area of expertise and the contrast between their public persona and how they are at home is neat to watch. This game has my favorite music by far. Let’s put it this way,

This game is set up so you need to play through twice to get both endings.When you unlock both endings you get a character video. You can bypass the need to play through twice by buying the ending set which also comes with a bonus. For the main story the bonus is a version of the character video with the guy singing (and each guy has a different VAs, and they sing about their own route, and can you practically hear me fangirling across the internet?). I love the videos so I think it is worth it. For buying the sequel ending set, you get a mini story (around the length of a Sweet Cafe story) about the guy having a nude photo shoot with a magazine and also a bonus CG (a different version of which you get from unlocking both endings). I like the photo shoot story but if you only get one ending set, get the one for the main story.

Favorite Guy: Kota Igarashi or Takshi Ninagawa

Favorite Route: Kyohei Rikudoh

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