Pirates in Love


Company: Voltage (2011)

Cost: Paid

Updates: No

Synopsis: The MC works at a bar in a port town. One day while the owner is out, she is harassed by some ruffians. After being chased by them she hides in a barrel, only to have her barrel be brought aboard a ship. When she manages to get out she discovers that she is out to sea on the Sirius, a pirate ship. The Captain tells her that there is no turning back and since there are no spare rooms, she must choose someone to share with.

MC: A barmaid, this MC is not as educated as most of Voltage’s heroine, but she has spirit in spades. She sends most of her money back to her family. She may not be the quickest to react to new situations but can usually think up a plan of action after a moment of digesting. She can be stubborn and can make difficult decisions even if she knows she will feel regret later on. She is nervous at first but soon shows her tough side.


  • Alan/Roy: Captain of a rival pirate ship, Rika. He is childish, a bit of a pervert, and falls in love with the MC in all the routes. He is energetic and silly with an artistic side. He is always chasing Captain Morgan.
  • Christopher/Soushi: The kind and reliable doctor. He always tries to be helpful and feels safe to the MC. He can be dense at times.
  • Eduardo/Shin: The sadistic navigator. He is cold and frequently threatens to throw the MC overboard.
  • Leonardo: The strict navy captain. He is cool and hard to approach, with a rigid sense of morality. After getting to know him he is also kind and understanding. He has a soft spot for his cat.
  • Morgan/Ryuga: The captain of the Sirius and the Pirate King. He is a ladies man with multiple women at every port. He also loves to drink. He’s a master swordsman with possibly only one peer in the world. He cares deeply for his team and always watches out for women and children.
  • Nathan/Nagi: The quiet master chef. He is kind and gentle, but turns threatening when anyone messes around in his domain. He frequently thinks about food and ingredients.
  • Russell/Hayate: A rude and simpleminded swordsman.  Beneath his brash exterior he is caring and sometimes childish. He is a famous fencer (although no match for Morgan) and aims to become the next pirate king.
  • Thomas/Towa: The newest member of the Sirius crew before the MC and the youngest of the guys. He is kind, polite, and usually smiling. He is usually given all the grunt work but doesn’t complain.

Impressions: This is one of the first games that Voltage brought over and it shows. This game didn’t receive a lot of the updates that other games got, for example there is no title screen, it has no iPad version, and the graphics are a little pixelated. Additionally the text box is a pink scroll and sometimes the text is too much/big to fit in it. This game also has the distinction of being the only game where the character were renamed for the English release, and the only game where some characters were redesigned for the English release (those characters being Christopher and Eduardo).

Design issues and interesting tidbits aside, this game is nice just because it is so different from most other Voltage games. There’s just something romantic about the high seas and fictional pirates. The ship is a great device to force the characters to be close together and make their relationships progress faster. The spread of guys is great with someone for almost everyone. Although I found the pirate “dialect” annoying, I overall enjoy this game.

Favorite Guy: Morgan

Favorite Route: Morgan (Alan for laughs)

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