Our Two Bedroom Story

two bedroom

Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: When the MC’s mother remarries, her new step-father offers a home for her to live in. Little did she know that her new step-brother also lives there. And not only is her knew housemate an attractive man, he is also one of her co-workers when she transfers to the editing department of the most prestigious magazine published by her company. Since neither has a place to go they agree on cohabitation, put your living situation is going to remain a secret between the two of you.

MC: She was the chief editor of Chess Monthly and greatly increased the subscription numbers there before being transferred to the Seasonelle team. Even though she isn’t used to working on this specific publication and at the level that the Seasonelle team is held to, this MC has talent and ability as an editor. This means that even though she needs to be helped and shown around at times, she is far from inept. She is very passionate about her job and will go far for a story, although she is also very ethical about her reporting.


  • Akiyoshi Zaizen: The chief editor of Seasonelle who is nicknamed ” The Growler”. He is young for a chief editor of such a big magazine (but the eldest of the guys) and is strict about work. At home he is very sweet.
  • Chiaki Yuasa: The younger guy. In public he is sweet, kind, and helpful. At home and in private he is extremely sadistic. He is very ambitious and is popular with the higher ups at work. He loves to tease the MC and has a man crush on Kaoru.
  • Kaoru Kirishima: The cool introvert. He is quiet and rarely initiates conversations. He loves cats and can be absent minded. He is tall so he hits his head a lot and is territorial of his spot on the veranda.
  • Minato Okouchi: An ore-sama type. He is capable but arrogant and a bit of a bully. He and Shusei are best friends.
  • Shusei Hayakawa: Handsome, kind, and friendly, Shusei is known around the office as “Mr. Perfect”. At home he likes to wear sweats and play videogames.
  • Tsumugu Kido: He’s intelligent and sophisticated. An ideal co-worker, but he is sort of sloppy, rude, and economic at home. He’s a bit of a tsundere. Tsumugu is available starting season two.

Impressions: The set up of Our Two Bedroom Story leaves itself open to a lot of interesting scenarios, not only through the magazines but through the family/at home situation as well. And to this game’s credit it makes good use of its opportunities and all the routes that I’ve played feel very different from each other.

There is a decent range of personalities in the guys but there is a definite leaning towards “mean” characters. The interactions between the boys is okay, but not as much fun as other games (such as Metro PD and Love Letter from Thief X). One thing I really love about this game are the colors, they are just gorgeous.

Favorite Guy: Kaoru Kirishima

Favorite Route: Kaoru Kirishima

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