Office Secrets


Company: Voltage (2013)

Cost: Paid

Updates: No

Synopsis: The MC works at a well known clothing company. One day she is suddenly transferred into a new department, which is staffed with attractive male co-workers, all of whom are top employees. The purpose of the department is to handle an extremely important business venture. As they work on the project, the MC gets closer with one of her co-workers. The problem is, the company strictly prohibits workplace romances.

MC: She has been working at her dream company for two years but spends her day checking emails rather than anything to do with fashion. She is the kind of girl who checks her fortune on the TV each morning even though it means that she has to run to catch the train. She is a hard worker who struggles to keep up with the rest of the team and is incapable of standing by and doing nothing when she can help. She can get intimidated easily and is not confident in herself but she is also “feisty”.


  • Junya Sakurazawa: A charismatic, flirty senpai. He is well known and fairly well liked. He is clever and is good at dealing with others. He also happens to be the grandson of the company president.
  • Koji Nagumo: A honest hard-worker. He’s kind but serious and is inept at dealing with women. He and the MC joined the company at the same time,
  • Ryoma Shirasagi: An articulate perfectionist with a harsh mouth. He’s a clean freak who has had the fastest promotion in company history.
  • Shingo Kai: A robot-like man who was poached from a rival company. He is a quick thinker and despite his usual expressionless face, is a good actor.
  • Shota Kurumi: The cheerful and outgoing junior who frequently acts younger than he is. He is mischievous and open with his feelings. He has just returned from overseas, speaks eight languages, and rides a bike to work.
  • Tamotsu Goda: A playful and reliable manager who is a great leader. He created the company’s core brands.
  • Toranosuke Hajime: A strict and arrogant high achiever. He’s a high achiever and expects everyone to work at his level. He likes to tease and is bad with computers.

Impressions: Another older game, although this one feels distinctly like an older game in the sense that it feels that Voltage has improve so much since this came out. It’s got a good range of guys and the scenarios in each route varies while staying true to its theme of a forbidden office romance. Still, even though I enjoyed playing it, I have a hard time remembering anything about this game.

Favorite Guy: Shingo

Favorite Route: Shingo

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