Office Lover


Company: OKKO (2014)

Cost: Free

Updates: No?

Synopsis: The MC is an office lady at a well recognized famous company. After completing her training she is being transferred to a new boss. Little does she know that her new boss is an infamous playboy.

MC: The MC is a new but capable secretary/personal assistant. She cares about her job and does immaculate work. She is also somewhat fashionable.


  • Go Kagaya: An outside consultant hired by the MC’s company. He is intelligent and very confident. He is the most playboy-like of the guys.
  • Kitazawa Omi: The genius fashion designer. He is very serious about his work, giving little attention to other things. He’s not so much of a playboy as women fall all over themselves to get his attention.
  • Henri Shirashi: The half French sales manager. He is very friendly and gentlemanly. He has the reputation of being prince-like.
  • Koichiro Togu: The heir to a rival fashion house. He has a reputation of being a despot and relying on his father’s power to get things done. However he does really care about his job and is trying to get out from beneath his controlling mother’s thumb.

Impressions: This game is okay. The routes are interesting enough since the game is free and revolves are office politics and the MC becoming enamored of her new boss. I don’t remember much of the middles of the most of the routes, but there were some great, wrenching moments towards the endings. I wouldn’t recommend this game if you had to pay for it, and I don’t recommend spending any money on it, but as a free game it is worth checking out if you’d like a forbidden office affair.

Favorite Guy: Koichiro togu

Favorite Route: Koichiro Togu

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