My Sweet Bodyguard

sweet body

Company: Voltage (2013)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is an ordinary college girl living out her everyday life when one day she is attacked in broad daylight on a busy city street. She is rescued and brought up into a helicopter manned by five good looking men. She then learns that she is the daughter of the new Prime Minister and her life is now in danger. Her rescuers are the bodyguard squad and she must choose one of them to watch over her 24/7.

MC: A college girl who never knew her father and who’s mother has already passed away. She is bewildered about the direction her life has turned, not really knowing how to act around the influential stranger that is her father. She is sometimes frightened by the dangerous situations she now finds herself in (and for good reason), but she is brave when the situation calls for it. She is an active member of her school’s drama club, and is a little bit of a slob at home. She has a keen sense of justice and what is right and wrong and doesn’t mind sacrificing herself in order to save others or prevent corruption.


  • Daichi Katsuragi: The older guy and the leader of the body guards. He is the best and most well rounded of all the bodyguards. He is strict and traditional but also caring and dependable. He is frequently teased as being more like the MC’s father than a potential romantic partner.
  • Goto Seiji: Ishigami’s polite and quiet right-hand man. Like Ishigami is sometimes accused of being a cyborg. He looks out for the MC but tries to keep his distance. He used to work with Subaru and the two frequently argue.
  • Hideki Ishigami: A strict top detective from the Public Security Division. He is stone-faced and has a sharp tongue (which frequently lashes out at the the bodyguards who he calls the party police). He is climbing the career ladder and is frequently accused of being a cyborg.
  • Kaiji Akizuki: The MC’s childhood friend who has Olympic level judo skills. He has had a crush on the MC since they were children. He likes to tease the MC but gets embarrassed easily. He has three older sisters who mercilessly mess with him.
  • Mizuki Fujisaki: A mysterious former idol. He does not look back on his stardom fondly. He is an excellent bodyguard even though he came into it only a couple years ago. He has the ability to speak with animals and loves and is loved by them.  He is usually smiling and hides his true emotions.
  • Sora Hirosue: The younger, cheerful bodyguard. He is silly and a flirt and is popular with women, but he is also frequently asked to crossdress for work. He always tries to hug the MC.
  • Subaru Ichiyanagi: The capable alpha male. He acts as a second in command to Katsuragi and is probably the second best bodyguard in the unit (after Katsuragi). He is arrogant and isn’t afraid to flaunt his popularity. He is also an otoman and is much better at housework and cooking than the MC.
  • Toru Kurosawa: The newest member of Ishigami’s group. He is super cheerful, sunny, and talkative. He frequently teases Ishigami and Goto and is scolded and punished by them in return. Beneath his smile he is sensitive and tormented. He loves to take photos and seems to always know things.

Impressions: This is another one of Voltage’s older games. It is like a modern version of the game A Knight’s Devotion. It focuses on the MC who is a long lost heir to a figure in power, attacks on her life, and also political intrigue.

The plots in My Sweet Bodyguard are solid and pretty much what you might expect. I really like the slow way the relationship between the MC and her father develops. The guys are varied and well fleshed out. I love the interactions between the guys and this game is very complementary with the MC; all the guys are after her attention and don’t spend their time insulting or off-offhandedly complimenting her like the guys do in other games.

For me this game really got better as time went on. The newer routes were just more polished and more interesting than the older ones. Additionally I love the characters that were added later, the SP officers.

Favorite Guy: Toru Kurosawa

Favorite Route: Subaru Ichiyanagi or Mizuki Fujisaki on the bodyguard side, Toru Kurosawa on the SP side

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