My Forged Wedding


Company: Voltage (2012)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: After graduating college the MC moves to Tokyo to get a job. There she reconnects with her uncle who says he has a job for her. The job? A fake marriage with one of his friends to solve their individual problems.

MC: This MC is a little generic. She is determined, kind, and supportive. She is good at being a housewife (which is what she usually ends up as) and seems to have no particular dream or goal for herself. She is infamous for drinking shochu on the rocks and gets along great with the guys at the bar.


  • Akito Kakiuchi: The MC’s childhood friend who has moved to Tokyo and become an esthetician. He and the MC were close as children. He is used to taking care of her and get jealous when she spends time with the other guys. He is stubborn and very dedicated to his work (which his family views as unmanly).
  • Haruka Utsunomiya: An ikebana artist and heir to a long standing school. He is a clam man with no sense of personal space. He is very devilish but also very elegant. He is burdened by an immense sense of guilt that he does his best to hide.
  • Kunihiko Aikawa: The MC’s “uncle” (technically your first cousin once removed so he is not actually blood related to the MC). He is the CEO of an IT company and is sometimes on TV because of it. He runs the bar Long Island as a “hobby”. He acts like he is carefree and always bored, but he actually believes that he does not deserve to be happy because of an incident in his past. He forces the MC into false marriage in most of the other guys’ routes.
  • Kyoichi Kunishiro: A young diplomat who has just returned from overseas (he grew up with most of the other guys though). He is strict and very controlled. He gives off some major S vibes but can also be very sweet. He gets lost easily and his family situation is complicated.
  • Ren Shibasaki: A introverted university researcher. He is quiet and usually sleepy or sleeping. He is a little strange. He like plants and is affectionate with people he knows well.
  • Takamasa Saeki: An eccentric screenwriter who is famous for his romantic comedies. He is very serious about his work and has several habit that he insists he cannot write without. He is the flirt of the group and likes to tease the MC.
  • Takao Maruyama: A kind and caring lawyer. He has a large and loving family and is very much a big brother figure. He is talented at house work. He’s a bit of an introvert and can be very awkward. He doesn’t like to talk about his feelings.
  • Tamaki Kikushima: Yamato’s childhood best friend who was on the Long Island baseball team. He hasn’t seen the guys in years and has only recently returned from aboard. He comes from a wealthy family and is super tsundere
  • Yamato Kougami: A physics teacher at an all girls high school. He can be very immature, frequently teasing and tormenting the MC. He is handsome and is not afraid to mention it.
  • Yuta Kajima: One half of a comedy duo. He is a lighthearted and silly man who is frequently teased by the rest of his friends. He can be a little childish but is also very hardworking and determined.

Impressions: This was one of the first Votlage games brought over and is a lot of people’s first game, so many people have strong feelings about it. I like it okay, I guess. The guys and the way they interact is super fun. I liked the routes themselves ans it is interesting to see why each of them need a wife. I liked how the MC supported her partner and how they eventually fall in love. What I didn’t respond to was how the MC didn’t really have any ambitions for herself, most of the time she settles for being a housewife completely giving up her purpose in coming to Tokyo.

Another thing that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is how Kunimitsu basically forces the MC to go along with the marriage plots in a couple of the routes. It’s a small thing and she becomes compliant after a short while, but I can’t help but think about it and it bothers me.

Favorite Guy: Kyoichi Kunishiro

Favorite Route: Takemasa Saeki

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